Fairy Tales and Gender Roles 

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Fairytales have been around for ages and ages. Our fathers and mothers have read us these stories and we will in time, pass them down to our own. The stories in numerous individuals’ eyes feature a dream life that they want to have of their own. Literature plays a significant part in the development of our insight and perception of life. It is a reflection of our communities. Fantasies are a great genre to learn how sex has been depicted in ancient and present times. Traditional fantasies and modern-day ones enable children to contemplate how people are depicted and contrast these depictions with their very own families and their societies. Many individuals acknowledge that sex, race, class and many different philosophies are directly and indirectly embodied in many children novels. Children admire their favored character and impersonate them by imitating all that they do. Kids react effectively to what they find in the Disney shows. For instance, Disney’s female characters are for the most part given negative acts.

The men are depicted to be the predominant gender.
Cinderella has been for years the most adored and one of the most notable fantasies throughout the world. There are various versions to Cinderella, but the two that will be contrasted in this essay is the Disney and Politically correct versions. The storyline in the politically correct version of “Cinderella” is very similar, the only difference is the ending. In the original, a young orphan lady is compelled to be a servant to her stepsisters and stepmother in the absence of her biological mother. One day, a mystical spell is thrown on her and she is gifted one night of enchanted-ness at ball. In contrary to the original, rather than an enchanting prince, her admirer is a lustful, fractious prince, whose passion is driven by rivalry with different men in the room. Cinderella is so gorgeous in her gown that upon her appearance, each man in the room lusts for her, concluding in a disordered, ruinous fight between the men. The spell is broken at 12 PM and Cinderella is thrown back into the pieces of cloths she wore before the spell. The other womyn at the ball, who were sickened by the men’s unusual conduct, were motivated by the modesty and contentment of Cinderella’s servant clothing. As one, the womyn started discarding their own gowns, and moving joyfully around the room. In contrast to the first Cinderella, the prince and the young lady don’t fall in love and live happily ever after. Rather, the womyn affirm their freedom and live respectively in an all-female society and make an organization that produces comfortable apparel for womyn.

In conclusion, fantasies have been around for some ages and will keep on being passed on. Fantasies have some extraordinary characteristics about them and others not all that good. In these stories sexual orientations are stereotyped and society sees those generalizations as the correct perspective for both sexes. Females in these stories are exquisite, small, feeble, dependent, and sensitive and the guys are capable, heroic, and attractive. For men, attractiveness come second while for ladies it is their approach to get through life. These stories give an inappropriate impression of what is normal out of a lady and show little children what is looked for in them according to society, but without a doubt these fantasies are changing and turning out to be more women dictated. Ladies are not subject to a man, they have their own stores and organizations, and falling in love is not what it’s about any longer.

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