Effect of Advertisement on Consumer and Society

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Advertisement is the means of communication to encourage people to make a purchase decision about products or services and convey the information to the user about the features of the goods and services. In other words, it is a paid and non-personal form of presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor. It is considered as vital and essential elements for the economic growth of the marketer and business.

Generally, advertiser tries to spread the message and ideas to the prospective consumer which shows the significant effect of the advertisement on consumer and society.

Medium of Advertisment

In today’s world, advertisement uses various mediums like television, print (newspaper, magazines, journals, etc.), radio, press, internet, direct selling, hoarding, mailing, contests, sponsorship, poster, extras help to the advertising agencies of the company to promote the marketing system of the company. It plays a great role in creating the demands of the products and services wherein various buyer, sellers and other people that come together to trade in given goods and services.

Merits and its Role

Through advertisement, society is informed of products, their uses, best bargains, safe handling of dangerous goods, effective use of scarce resources like petroleum and electricity technological advancement, etc.

It also promotes health and hygiene awareness among the consumer and in the society which helps people to live better and prosperous life by advertising on protected drinking water, efficient treatment, etc. which prevents the course for diseases like dengue, malaria, typhoid, etc. and the cause, spread and the preventive measure against these diseases are explained to the people through this medium.

Along with this it also helps in building the goodwill and the image of the organization and makes customers aware of the prices and attributes of the products leading to the greater sale of goods and services. It also promotes the consumer’s rights wherein consumers are made aware of their rights like the right to safety (protection from hazardous and expired products), rights to information (the right of consumers to be informed about the quality, quantity of the products, etc.). Therefore advertisement not only helps in expanding the market structure but also builds awareness in masses.

It plays an important role in promoting the creativity, the talent of the people and communicates the ideas and works of the persons to the different parts of the country and world as a result of which the talent of the people is recognized.

It aims at social changes like accepting women as equal status to the men, empowerment of the women, concern for the girl child, and curbs on female infanticides, develop public opinion against child labour, etc. It also assists in promoting creational interest by making aware of tax law, protection of sculpture and monuments, creating political awareness among the citizen of the country, etc.

Demerits and its Consequences

With the expansion in the field of advertisement, the news of dramatization and false presentation of products is often heard among the people.it distorts reality and creates unrealistic expectations and exaggerates the features of the product to promote its sales likewise the car ad that features a dreaming couple walking on the ground of luxurious resort or the Mountain dew ad in which the actor drinks and jumps down the hill.

Many multinational companies incur huge investment in advertising their products due to which the cost of products gets increased and this cost is passed onto the customer in the form of high prices. It confuses rather than help as many advertisements of the substitute product are available in the market.

Some advertisements are bad in taste as it promotes the sale of those products which are toxic in nature such as Alcohol, cigarettes, canned foods, pesticides, etc. which pose a great threat to health. Some advertisements also make a sexual appeal or nudity as these techniques are used to attract consumer’s attention.


An Indian advertising agency is preparing to welcome the new 21st century with its vast potential on one hand and self-regulation on others. Thus, advertisement is a very important means of communication, persuasion, promotion of goods and services and other related stuff to the common masses.

Market without advertisement would be a ship without the radar. Therefore advertisement is all pervasive as it can be applied in all types of organizations whether profit or nonprofit making firm, small or big, etc. It helps the consumer and society to the optimistic and pessimistic aspects of the market.


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