Driverless Cars Will Reduce Car Accidents

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Every day, we drive to school or work knowing there’s a chance that we could be in a serious car accident. As the freeways and highways fill up with more aggressive drivers, the odds of becoming a victim of poor driving will go up. Many people who are in a big hurry, drive like maniacs as they weave their car through crowded freeway lanes with no thought for safety. According to its designers, an autocar would be programmed to not make such aggressive, dangerous moves and would not make unnecessary lane changes.

Car accidents often do great damage to the human body. Sadly, many people never fully recover from high-speed car collisions. What if there was a way to almost completely eliminate these frightening incidents from our daily lives? We should invest our time and money into making driverless cars because, drivers make errors on the road, autonomous cars would be more convenient for people and people can do something productive instead of focusing on the road when driving to somewhere.

Research has determined that 81% of car crashes come from human mistakes, often because people are distracted while they are driving, or because people are emotional. Drivers today are frequently texting, talking on their phones, or just not watching the car in front of them. More than 339,000 accidents happen per year because of texting and driving (“Snyder”Pg1) . If everyone used autonomous cars, then texting and driving would not have to be a problem. Additionally, human emotions cause many accidents as people drive with anger, or they drive after drinking too much alcohol. Statistics reveal that over a million people die every year from car accidents. Driverless cars would take away the emotional hazards of driving and could reduce stress levels too, plus drunk drivers would go away completely.

Despite all of the potential benefits of switching to the autonomous vehicle system, there are many people who would still argue against this enormous change. One big obstacle would be the overall cost of creating the driverless system operating across the entire USA, but the money saved from medical expenses for injuries and legal fees would probably equal that cost. Another question might be about whether we could actually convince everyone to change over to the automatic driving system. Lots of people really enjoy the experience of driving their own car and would miss the fun of driving, but there could still be specific places, or races where people could drive for fun. Some people might doubt whether a driverless car would be able to stop, or swerve in time if an object fell, or suddenly came into the lane unexpectedly. The auto-cars do have sensors to detect objects in their pathway, so the car would use the brakes to stop in that situation. One other bad thing would be that the people whose job is to fix banged-up cars could be out of work since car accidents could be a thing of the past, but maybe they could learn to work on auto car maintenance instead.

Autonomous vehicles could be very convenient for people. Many parents do not have time to drop off or pick up their kids from school, so they could rent a driverless Uber or Lyft to drop the kids off and to pick them up (”Greenhouse ”Pg1). The average time that Americans take to drive to work now is 51 minutes (”Greenhouse”Pg1), and many drivers hate their long, stressful traffic to and from work and home. Going to places would also be a faster process with autonomous cars. Since auto cars are safer drivers than humans, they can drive faster to places (”Top 20”Pg1). Some people live in places where they can not have easy access to a bus or a taxi, but with driverless buses, people could just call a bus to their home because the auto bus does not have a specific route, or bus stop.

People can do something productive instead of driving. You could take a nap or do some work in your car. If workers used an auto car, then they could nap, work, or do something productive for 102 minutes. More than 339,000 accidents happen per year because of texting and driving “Snyder” . But if everyone used autonomous cars, then texting and driving would not have to be a problem. If commuters used an auto car, then they could be productive during that time instead of having to focus on the road. For example, people could work on their laptops, read a book, or teachers could correct students’ papers on the way to their destination while the auto-car did the driving. Or people could just relax and enjoy the smooth ride while the car drove itself.

We should use our money and our time to develop driverless cars because human mistakes can kill, or hurt the people that we care for. Also, big car accidents cause big delays on the freeways, making hundreds of people late for work or for school. Auto cars will be convenient and allow you to do something productive in your car instead of driving. Car accidents are a very big issue on our planet right now, but if everybody would switch to autonomous cars, then there would be much less horrible car accidents. Unless we switch to a future of autonomous cars, we can not be completely safe on the road. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to tell your family and friends to “drive carefully” all the time?


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Do self-driving cars cause more accidents?
As per the current data, self-driving cars have not caused more accidents than human-driven cars. However, further research and development are required to ensure their safety and reliability on roads.
Do self-driving cars reduce accidents?
Self-driving cars have the potential to reduce accidents, but they are not foolproof. There have been several accidents involving self-driving cars, so they are not yet completely safe.
Why self-driving cars will reduce accidents?
1. Self-driving cars are able to sense their surroundings and react accordingly, reducing the chances of an accident. 2. With self-driving cars, there is no chance of human error, which is the leading cause of accidents.
Will self-driving cars make driving safer?
Setting goals is important because it gives you something to work towards. Having goals also keeps you motivated and helps you stay on track.
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