Does Money Buy Happiness

Updated October 17, 2020

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Does Money Buy Happiness essay

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Does money buy you or your family happiness? A real question many ask themselves. Most people say yes but there are other types of people who might disagree. Many are quick to say money doesn’t buy happiness. But what is it to be happy? Does being happy mean having anything you want at whatever cost, or is happiness someone you spend time with or love. In my opinion, I believe money can buy happiness.

First of all, many people would disagree, loads of people say money can’t buy happiness but they probably don’t have to deal with debt and empty bank accounts. Imagine if you are facing a ton of bills and you magically win the lottery or know you have money left over. Now imagine the relief you feel knowing you can enjoy your free time instead of worrying. Source 2 illustrates this concept when the author states “having enough money to pay all our bills allows us to plan for the future and enjoy leisure time.” This means that having all your bills handled and your future prepared brings a sense of relief to many families big or small.

Now when there is no money it holds us back from taking breaks and you start to stress yourself out even more. Many studies have shown that there are several decreases in one’s mental health because they are dealing with the bills and late notices. Source 2 further explains this idea when it states “That means you can’t learn, remember be attentive or solve problems as well when you’re freaking out over your water bills.” This shows us that a lot of what you do in your daily life is probably affected due to worrying so much about the bills. For most families it probably is like that. You spend more time worrying about getting stuff paid on time and end up passing time on the truly important things.

Furthermore, when someone has debt they are undergoing lots of stress, mental health issues and increases in spending. When you worry so much about what food will be on the table etc. you feel as though you’re failing your family. This feeling can have a huge impact on your self-esteem and dig you into a deeper hole than what you already are in. In source 2 the author states, “Debt triggers stress which reduces your resilience against, mental health problems.” This quote explains how debt can really impact the rest of your life and cause a big amount of stress due to not having sufficient money.

Many studies have shown the relation between stress, depression, low self-esteem and debt. Loads of adults feel the same way. For instance in source 2 the author says, “Hopelessness and low self-esteem start to set in.”This shows the readers that being in debt can be very traumatic and effect people in negative ways. It also shows us how much of an impact money really has on us. Do you still think money can’t buy happiness?

Although money can buy a sense of security and can even give you and easier, stress free life. There are still things in life that are priceless. For example our friends and family. When you’re with your family or friends you probably feel the most safe and happy. Many often don’t realize how important love and friends are until we don’t have it. We as human beings often take for granted things that make us happy. Once you really look into the roots of happiness you’ll reach a piece of mind and notice how happiness can be free.

In conclusion, there are many different factors that have to do with debt and happiness. It goes a lot further than just money buying happiness. When you’re deep into a financial hole you think everything is against you. It’s a whole different story when you are actually financially stable. The sense of security you bring to your family means everything. Knowing that you can take vacations without hesitating is filling. Although some core things are priceless I still believe money can truly buy happiness.

Does Money Buy Happiness essay

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