Decriminalization of Marijuana Argumentative Essay

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The Decriminalization of marijuana has made headway to be a debatable topic inside Jamaica. Marijuana (Cannabis) also called “weed”, “herb”, “grass”, “bud”, “ganja”, “Mary Jane”, and a vast number of other slang terms, (www.drugabuse.gov,2020). Marijuana is said to be the most widely illicit drug worldwide. Early 1913 in Jamaica marijuana were not legalized but decriminalized. In 2015 this act grew and was no longer a restricted drug, the latest legislation took place by the Dangerous Drug Act and it amendent to decriminalize some aspect of marijuana. In this essay, the main arguments for and against the decriminalizing marijuana will be discuss along with the framework of recommendations put in advance by the Chevannes Commission on Ganja.

There is a difference between decriminalization and legalization of marijuana. Marijuana decriminalization is an illegal act and the criminal sanctions are removed with respect to marijuana and marijuana- related activities. It is not execute where all the sanctions or penalties are removed, this does not allowed persons to be free and to be indulging in any activities or drugs, and there are still rules and regulation to follow. On the other hand Legalization of Marijuana is a situation where all sanctions are removed there are no criminal sanction and penalty attach to this substances. Has mention above marijuana in Jamaica has not legalize but decriminalized certain criminal sanctions has been removed like substances containing marijuana, so using these substances comes along with strict regulation. Not to mention the Rastafarian Community in Jamaica have been asking for the use of marijuana to be legalized. However Canada and some States in the USA decriminalize marijuana use.

Revenue earnings was one of the arguments for the decriminalization of marijuana in Jamaica, it creates employment for example the Tourism Sector. Persons from all over the world would come to Jamaica for marijuana to smoke because it was band in their home country. And not to mention our Tourist attraction such as the Bob Marley museum where tourist visit regularly to look on the art and crafts and listen to his songs entitled marijuana. In contrast the more Tourists visit Jamaica the greater the economy will be benefit. Medicinal value is another argument pertaining the use of decriminalizing marijuana; this herb can treat certain kind of illnesses. From reality soaking ganja in white rum and let it ferment ate for weeks or months it can reduce any pain in the joints. In particular, marijuana breaks through the pain of multiple sclerosis and nerve pain in general, marijuana can be used to treat glaucoma by managing nausea and weight loss, and lastly marijuana can be used to treat respiratory illness. There are a lot of cure marijuana provide in the society. On the other hand marijuana has a fewer health risk than tobacco and alcohol, marijuana is known to be a pacifier not a stimulant. It keeps you calm and to be introspective.

Arguments against marijuana comes into place, one argument is that it allows individual to Gateway with drugs. Many individual will say they starts with a small piece of marijuana and gradually gravitate to more, this is due to nicotine in the drugs it allows persons to be addicted. Decriminalizing marijuana in Jamaica can lead to other illegal activities such as more crime rates, possession of illicit controlled substances. Individual must obey the law put in place by the Amendent Dangerous Drug Act in 2015 that 2 ounces or less ganja will not be charge for and there will be no criminal sanction, however ticket will be issued for 30 days for $500. If this 30 days pass and the $500 did not pay you will be arrested. Additionally, social bias will take place by creating a hierarchy between the upper-class and the lower-class and they were treated differently maybe due to their race, colour, status and age. Many times problem arose between citizen and police just because of a marijuana. The last argument against marijuana it provide a effective effect on individuals psychological (anxiety, tension, confusion, lead to depression and impairment of thinking and reasoning), and health risk include hallucination and mental impairment and possible long term psychiatric illness. Impact children life’s is another effect of marijuana it would lower amplitude for learning and leads to drops out in schools.

Under the Dangerous Drug Act in 1948 it was an offence to export, cultivate, gather, produce, and to sell marijuana. The framework of recommendations took placed in 1977, which was the first attempt in Jamaica, the Parliament put together a Joint Selected Committee where serious matters would be discuss on decriminalizing marijuana , however these recommendation were made to the public. The recommendation that were giving to the public did not achieved so a second attempt was made known has the Chevannes Commission on Ganja. In this act recommendation were be made by the views of the public, allowing this criticism took place. The recommendations of the Joint Selected Committee and the Chevannes Commission on Ganja act were similar.

The Chevannes Commission on Ganja law recommends the amendent that marijuana should placed on the decriminalization of ganja and also ways in which the plant can better be put to use. Jamaica should decriminalize the private, personal use of small quantities of marijuana by adults and also for the use of sacrament for religious purposes. It also took into consideration educational programs that should be put in place in order to lessen the demand for the substance and to reduce cultivation and criminal trafficking in substances (cocaine/crack), should exclude smoking by juveniles or by anyone in premises accessible to the public. Chevannes made mention of the setting up of a Cannabis research agency joining with other countries as a part of his report and recommended that “Jamaica should make vigorous efforts internationally to gain support for its approach to decriminalization and to influence change in favor of marijuana decriminalization.” CITATION Vas16 l 1033 (Vasciannie, 2016). However I totally agreed with the recommendation he took in place, where it would allow the society to function productively.

In conclusion the authoritative features of the Dangerous Drug Act was explained and seen to have sanctions enforce on the use of marijuana and also you can use the substances without being violated along with arguments for and against the use of marijuana was seen to be good and bad in the society. The Amendent of Cannabis operated similarly to Chevannes Drugs Act, how it put in advance how decriminalization of ganja could take place.


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