Denuclearization of North Korea

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National security is something that is of up most importance in America, especially when it comes to terrorism, immigration or that of threats. The federal court system works along hand with national security to ensure that everything is being taken care of accordingly. The effect that the federal courts have had on the government’s ability to enforce national security is that of reviewing travel ban and enforcing limits on executive powers (Bader, 2018). Though one of the current issues being debated about American national security is how to denuclearize North Korea.

Too furthermore, North Korea has been threating the United States with a nuclear attack for several years now that would end up destroying Americas power grids as well as leaving a nuclear fallout throughout the country (Board, 2018). If North Korea ever decides to go through with such threats, it would end up pushing Americas national security powers past it’s limits. Two of the competing solutions to denuclearize North Korea are through negotiations or that of going to war.

The preferable option is that of negotiation. This will help prevent deaths, help the economy to not fall, and reduce/eliminate North Korea’s missiles and arsenal of nuclear weapons that are capable of hitting different part of the United States. Some strong inspections and verification rules to help prevent more broken promises (Dalton, Ariel, Perkovich, 2018). Not only that but by coordinating with other allies such as South Korea and Japan, to help provide mutual defense of our nations.

Too pursue on, the responsibility of the federal government is to help regulate the financing of the current system put in place and assure that the nation’s national security is being maintained as well as doing their job to ensure our countries safety. The state government regulates private insurances and is also responsible for approving the state budget and initiating tax legislation (Kasulis, 2018). The local governemnt on the other hand, helps out with the community’s public health, roadworks, recreations and waste disposal. Now, the three branches of the Federal Government are Legislative, executive and Judicial. These are put in pace to make sure that no individual nor group will carry out too much power. The Legislative branch makes laws. They are part of the Congress, House of Representatives, and Senate. The Executive branch carries out the laws. They involve the president, vice president, cabinet, and most of the federal agencies (Kasulis, 2018). The last branch is Judicial, in which evaluates laws. This involves the Supreme Court as well as other courts.

All and all, negotiations will always be the best way to go when it comes to reducing the threat of North Korea, while maintaining the security of the Unites States and its regional allies. With negotiations come hard deals in making sure that North Korea falls through with the deal and includes a strong and transparent verification mechanism to help make sure that they stick to their promise by coordinating with U.S. regional allies to assure that North Korea doesn’t hit the Unites States with a nuclear bomb (Third Way, 2018). So far so good. Let’s hope for the best.


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