Debates Between the Federalist and Anti-Federalist – The Bill of Rights issue

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One of the debates between the Federalist and Anti-Federalist was The Bill of Rights issue. Federalist thought it was unnecessary because people and states would keep any powers not given to the federal government, Anti-Federalist believed individuals needed a “safety net” to protect their civil liberties. Federalist proposed to the Anti-Federalist if they would agree and support the ratification of the Constitution the Anti-Federalist could submit articles for a Bill of Rights to be added.

Federalist needed the support from the Anti-Federalist so they could gain control of the Constitution. Compromise come from both sides and the deal was sealed between the two. That is how The Bill of Rights housed within the Constitution come to be. Without the Bill of Rights, life could be unfair, and unjust. Let’s think for a minute on how life could be for Americans/US Citizens without the Bill of Rights, I will just touch on some of the issues Americans could face had it not been for the Anti-Federalist standing firm on the belief the we the people need fundamental rights.

Freedom of speech and religion – imagine being jailed for voicing your opinion if the government did not agree with you. Or being told what, when, and how you can practice religion. What if the government was the only ones allowed to own a gun? Thankful we have the right to bear arms.How would we feel if the government could search and seize our homes without reasonable or probable cause? Looking back at the freedom of speech, you say something the government finds distasteful so they can search your home at any time without cause!What if you are “accused” of a crime you did not comment and spend years and years in jail waiting on a trail to prove your innocence?

Because of our sixth amendment we have the right to a speedy trial and the right to obtain counsel for our defense. As a nation we do need a federal government with checks and balances in place so I can side with Federalist on that, but we need our Bill of Rights to protect us as individuals. I am thankful daily for the outcome on this issue between the Federalist and Anti-Federalist. Life as we know it in the United States would be so different had it not been for this compromise and outcome.

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