Death Penalty is a ‘Light’ Punishment

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The death sentence is always a topic that brings up various arguments between people. Some people think that those who take away another person’s (or more than one person’s) life deserve nothing else but the same punishment, which is taking it’s life away.  In my opinion death sentence is a light” punishment, I think it is an easy way for the person to get away with murder 1 would prefer giving a murderer a life sentence instead of death sentence. But why? The reason is simpler With a life sentence he/she will be locked up for at least twenty-five or thirty years and he/she will lose the most important years of life. They will not experience the world as a free person would, they will not be able to make a family and enjoy life I truly believe this punishment is a lot more effective than the death sentence.

The person can also sit and think about what he/she has done and maybe realise that what he/she has done is wrong. The feeling of remorse is a bigger punishment than death in my Opinion A lot of people disagree with this and they would love to see death sentence as a punishment. However, death sentence is not accepted in any european countries and it is only accepted in a few American states. All in all, I do not find death sentence, good“ enough for a punishment It is the easy way outs. The answer to violence and murder should be something else than murder. Even if death penalty is brought into life it should be the last resort and it only people with mass murders should be sentenced to death. But if I am being honest, I am fully against death penalty due to the reasons 1 have stated above.

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