Dealing with Sexual Abuse

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There is so many people in the world that has/is still dealing with sexual abuse in families. It can be from close relatives to family friends or even people you hardly even know. People who deal with sexual abuse can be traumatized mentally and physically. There are a lot of people who constantly are being sexual abused, they may not say anything to family and friends. They many not want people knowing but it is best if you have been dealing with sexual abuse that you tell someone so they can help you and get you out of the situation. No one needs to go through it alone even if they think that it is best for them.

Women seem to be more sexual abused than anyone in the world. People say that it’s because women dress and how they act around men, but in reality men sexualize women. Men say that women are dressing more provocative than what they used to. “We have found that priests have had sexual relationships with orphans in their care, that teachers have abused students, or that police have violated the basic principles of justice when dealing with aboriginal people” (Measure). Its sad when you hear about a priest sexual abusing orphans that are supposed to be under their care and protection.

When a doctor thinks that it’s okay to sexual abuse his/her patents its sickening but people still do it all around the world. Some people think it’s okay for them to act this way when it’s really not, it can mental mess with someone’s health. If a doctor sexual abuses a patent his or her doctors license will be taken away and they will no longer practice as a doctor. “For offences of sexual violation, a doctor’s licence would be revoked for a minimum period of five years and the doctor could be fined up to $20,000. In its preliminary report, the commission had called for a lifetime revocation of the licence of sexual violators, but it now proposes that, after the mandatory revocation period, they could apply to get their licence back” (Measure).

If a family member is sexually abusing you go find help never be scared to let people know, because you should never go through it alone. There is places you can go to get comfort from dealing with sexual abuse. When you are sexually abused it can be carried on for many years throughout your life, it can even make you not look at a guy in the same way as you did before all of it happened. Every time you go to do things with others it can bring up memories from when you have been sexually abused. You will never look at people the same afterwards, no matter who they are.

People can control you through sexual abuse and hurt you emotionally and mentally. No one can really get over something like that, they may have to go see a psychologist. Yes, you can go to therapy and things like that, because there is special programs for people who have been through that but you will never really forget that it had happened to you. “…A woman in her early 30s came to see me about a problem that seemed innocuous enough: She was having trouble with her boyfriend and wasn’t sure that her relationship was going to last much longer. As soon as we began our work together, I recognized the cavalcade of psychological and emotional guards she’d erected over the years in response to the sickening sexual abuse she’d endured as a child at the hands of a depraved uncle” (Seth).

It’s just like the incident that happened with the gymnastic coach a few months ago, he was sexually abusing his students. The Star’s reporters found four instances in which USA Gymnastics did not report coaches to the authorities after receiving warnings about suspected sexual abuse. ‘Those coaches went on, according to police and court records, to abuse at least 14 underage gymnasts after the warnings,’ the Star writes. (USA)

“USA Gymnastics never reported the allegations to police and, according to federal authorities, he began molesting an underage girl in 1999. McCabe continued to coach children for nearly seven more years, until Lisa Ganser went to the FBI with concerns about emails to her then-11-year-old daughter. McCabe was charged with molesting gymnasts, secretly videotaping girls changing clothes and posting their naked pictures on the internet. He pleaded guilty in 2006 in Savannah, Georgia, to federal charges of sexual exploitation of children and making false statements. He is serving a 30-year sentence.” (USA)


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How do you respond to someone opening up about abuse?
The first step is to believe them. It is estimated that only _____ of _____ people who experience abuse will come forward, so it is very important to believe them and let them know that you believe them. The second step is to provide support. This might include helping them find a safe place to stay, going with them to the police station, or just listening to them.
What do you call someone who is sexually abusive?
A person who is sexually abusive is often called a sexual predator or sex offender.
Who are most sexual abusers?
Most sexual abusers are men. They are usually someone the victim knows, such as a family member, friend, or acquaintance.
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