Odyssey by Homer: Curiosity can Lead to Negative Consequences

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What if you went on a trip saw something and wondered what it was and then something terrible happened. In the Odyssey by Homer Odysseus and his crew are on a journey back to ithaca and are not prepared for the situations there are about to get themselves into. There journey home is filled with new land new people and different challenges. In their journey back home Odysseus and his crew go threw situations with cyclopes, Odysseus deals with his crew disobeying him, and they have to go threw the situation with circe this shows that letting one’s curiosity get the best of oneself can have negative consequences.

Sailing through the night Odysseus and his crew sail to the land of the cyclopes. Odysseus and his crew come upon polyphemus cave where they find cheese and sheep Odysseus men tell him to grab food and get out of there and Odysseus decides to wait for polyphemus. “ Let’s take the cheeses and make a run for it” yet Odysseus “ wished to see polyphemus and what he would offer them” ( book 9 Homer 125-126, 130-131). With the decision Odysseus chooses polyphemus comes back to men in his cave.

Odysseus thinks that polyphemus will grant him with offerings instead polyphemus decides to feed on four of Odysseus’s men. Odysseus then realizes that him and his men need to get out of this cave Odysseus knows he can’t kill the cyclops because his men won’t be able to move the giant boulder blocking the only way out. Odysseus thinks of a plan to blind the cyclops and make there way out. Once they blinded polyphemus Odysseus and his men get out and make there way into a new situation with Aeolus god of the winds.

With Odysseus and his men making it out of the land of the cyclopes they run into another situation with aeolus. With Odysseus meeting aeolus god of the winds Odysseus gets a bag from aeolus and his crew gets curious with what’s in the bag. Once Odysseus and his crew make it threw polyphemus Odysseus comes across aeolus god of the winds. From Odysseus meeting aeolus Odysseus is given a bag containing enough wind to get him and his crew back to ithaca fast.

Once Odysseus and his crew get sailing they are in sight of ithaca but Odysseus men get curious that aeolus has gifted Odysseus with gold. Odysseus men open the back sending all of the winds out of the bag and sending them back to aeolus. This time aeolus refuses to help them. Odysseus and his crew decide to sail off and they end up running into there next situation with circe.

Sailing threw Odysseus and his crew make it to aeaea home of the goddess circe. There Odysseus has to figure out how to get his men back from circe who has turned his men into pigs. When Odysseus and his men make it to aeaea Odysseus men are hungry and run off to look for food. Odysseus men find a mountain get curious and decide to climb it onto off the mountain is circe palace. When the men get to the top they go into her palace and circe turns Odysseus men into pigs. As Odysseus goes to rescue his men he gets a visit from a guy named Hermes who tells him to eat a herb named moly that would protect him from circe drug.

As Odysseus is not affected by circe drug she is now attracted to him and the only way that Odysseus would get his men back if he becomes her lover. After this circe turns his men back into men and they decide to live there for a year. After a year Odysseus and his men decide to start their journey back to Ithaca. Therefore, in the Odyssey letting somebody’s curiosity get the best of them can lead to negative consequences.


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How does Odysseus curiosity impede his journey home?
Odysseus' curiosity often leads him to explore new lands and encounter dangerous situations, causing delays in his journey home. His desire to know and experience everything often puts him and his crew in jeopardy, hindering their progress towards Ithaca.
Is Odysseus curious?
Yes, Odysseus is curious. He is always asking questions and wants to know everything.
What are the consequences of disloyalty in The Odyssey?
In The Odyssey, disloyalty has dire consequences. Those who are disloyal are often met with violence or death.
What mistakes did Odysseus make in The Odyssey?
Some people believe that divorce should be allowed because it is a way to end an unhappy marriage. Others believe that divorce should be allowed because it gives couples a second chance at finding happiness.
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