Crime Against Children and Children Protect

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Definition of crime is an offence or illegal act and against the law. Crime against children means an illegal act against children such as abduction, kidnapping, extortion, child abuse, stealing and others. The crime against children should be curb to protect children who not have guilty. There are responsible parties who should preventing such crime.

First of all, the main responsible parties is family, who ability to protect their own children. Parents’ are responsibility in looking after children’s safety before their be a victims of crime. It is because criminals will take an action to do crime against children if their parents abandon them. Parents should make sure children are always within their sight when outside the house due of crime can happen at any time. At the same time, parents should educate their children on dangers of approaching strangers as a precaution.

Moreover, the school also have to play a role to prevent this crime against children. School authorities should employ reliable security guards,who can carry out duties with a full trust. They also can hold a talks on crime prevention by calling authorities such police. It is can help children avoid being a victims of illegal act. School authorities also have to constant monitoring of students’ whereabouts. It also the way to prevent the illegal activity before widespread. So, school authorities should play a good role to curb this crime against children.

Next, the community also have to take an action to this crime. They should be the eyes and ears of children and parents.It is because consolation brings blessings to community who want to live happily without crime. They also responsible to report lurking strangers in the neighbourhood and it will help to decrease crime among children. Neighbourhood also have night patrols, too. It is also the way to curb this crime before it spread wildly. In my opinion, the community which is living in unity would lead to reduced crime.

Last but not least,the authorities have a big responsibility to curb this crime. They can conduct ongoing crime prevention campaigns such as demonstration and talks to open community eyes about dangerous of crime against children. They should install CCTVs at hotspots which is crime prone area. CCTV can be the evidens to catch the criminals. Authorities or government have to mobilise and station police personnel at strategic locations during peak hours which is all people are busy at the time and crime can be done easily. So, the authorities have to spend a lot of expenses to prevent or curb this crime.

In a nutshell, all parties should play a important role to curb this crime against children. If all parties work together or united, this crime can be curb easily without any problems.


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