Police Fight with Crime Theft

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Crime is defined indistinct ways. Crime is an unintentional and intentional act of violence committed by the offenders without an excuse, violent crimes are a serious crime against the law Including murder, assault, rape, and robbery. The crime involves taking people’s property, without that person’s consent or intended to rob the personal property. Depending on the important valuable stolen in the property. Another kind of theft is robbery, where the offenders attack a person to steal their property and money, are taken from them the offenders use of violence or fear to commit a crime. (Wikström O. H., 2013). It involves taking another person property with the use of force or threat, especially when a person is guilty of the crime. They use force to any person or any personal firearms to harm their victims. The crime of theft is gaining someone property from its place without the owner’s consent to take benefit for himself, it’s a Crimes against Property (Dülger, 2012).

Theft includes in a condition where the owner of property gives it to someone else, by mistake, because the other person has fooled them. This occurs when a person has violated the laws about crime in this situation where the suspect is often charged with theft, it also could be charged with fraud. Fraud described as the act of dishonesty changing the price or the value of something with the main purpose is to betraying another person (Webb & Shelton, 2013). Crime can affect anyone when you least expect it, a security system for crime theft is a device that sends an alarm when there’s a thief around the house premises there is a high chance that someone will be alerted if they attempt to commit the crime. In the situation of protecting personal valuables, an automatic security system is an effective instrument to protect your property. Thieves in their nature will always choose an easier target. The act of installing a security system increases the chance that your property won’t be chosen to become a victim of the crime (Taylor, 2009).

Although cameras and alarms and security system may help in the prevention of crimes, they do not stop the offenders to commit crimes, all they can do is record the incident which may help in identifying the criminal. If the offenders are not captured from their crime, the victims would be scared which could affect their lifestyle, because of being afraid to becoming a victim again. This situation could also affect their financial status where they cannot afford to purchase a security system that will protect their properties from burglars (Hollinger & Davis, 2010).

Thefts are the common crimes committed in malls and restaurants during rush hours, when most of the people are busy, and they choose to become the targets of this criminals. The offenders target other people’s mobile phones, money, purses and wallets which are left unattended while shopping in crowded businesses area (Shelton, 2013). A break in gives an opportunities to a suspect to commit the crime against the establishment and households. The occupants are become the victim of crime such as sexual assault, often unplanned. Children are mostly the victim of the abused by a suspect who break-in into their house when the lack of presence of relatives or neighbors which could stop the crime from happening. Burglary crime, which can produce a different kind of crime, including rape, shooting, stealing inside the property. Burglary crime could cause crimes such as trading goods or unlawful using of credit cards (Marcus Posey, 2009). Crime theft is either residential crime or crime against violence. Robbery is a crime using force to threaten the victim, it includes using deadly weapons. This kind of cases convince the people to stay inside their house and secure their safety to avoid becoming a victim, it will increase the crime in the neighborhood and give them the authority to commit a crime (Normandeau, 2012).

Crime is considered a widespread crisis in a place with a high population of unemployment and poverty level. Unemployment develops a youth who could not afford to go to school and sometimes commit a crime like stealing and drug selling and other criminal act against the law. Because of the lack of improper education youth spending time on gang and streets or to commit a crime (Webster & Kingston, 2014).

Illicit medicine could cause a different kind of crime against the laws, they could possibly manufacture, sell drugs to abuse someone. Marijuana, shabu or any drugs could influence someone to commit violent crime because of the effect of the drugs they are taken to their body. A drug is always connected to the crime gaining money to support their needs whether it’s good or bad. A suspect who’s convicted of theft burglary and robbery mostly they commit the crime to make money and buy illicit medicine suspect who commits killing and rape are usually positive using drugs and to gain money to support their needs (Deza, 2012). Crime profiling is possibly used to capture the real offenders or sometimes the offender does not match to the requirements to identify the profile of the criminal. Profiling is the basis of someone activity and interest, police may accuse someone who legally not commits the crime because certain action points them as the offender (Wikström P. H., Why crime happens: A situational action theory, 2014).

Crime is based on someone’s activity and it needs to stop, laws against crime would become more effective, the government needs to put an effort to create an organization to solve the crime against people, they need to improve the services of the government to our community to protect us from the criminals. Analysis of crime combines the data they collected to identify the area who have a high rate of crime to take proper action to prevent the lawbreaking (Katantamalandu, 2014).

These information are used to maintain criminal records, tracking where crime and offenses are happening, the program is designed to reduce repetitive victimization in theft and burglary from homes, establishments, and cars. This will reduce the recorded and repetitive crime in the surrounding areas and there was an increase in satisfaction with police services (Gottschalk & Saether, 2013).

The advancement in technology brings a unique form of lawful act using the technology to helps the police to fight, to prevent or capture these criminals, dealing with crimes such as robbery, rape local government is forced to deal with this crime. Security devices could use to boost the ability of the police, the devices can use forecast different types of lawbreaking act from happening, and to capture this offender who breaks a law. Communication through a mobile device, a person could talk to the police, about the related crime in the area who is the victim or the offender involved in the situation. Smartphones become a powerful tool to help to prevent crime from happening. One of the advantages of theft. They check personal records of the property and they monitor the authorized activity and even unauthorized activity that can damage the property. (Voight, 2014) Getting away with theft crimes has become tougher than ever, businesses turn to anti-theft crime technologies to stop potential thieves. Business owners today can help to prevent theft before it happens or catch shoplifter’s offenders. The security systems allow the owners and staff to locate the goods as it moves outside the store, making stealing a difficult job. Facial recognition software can detect and distinguish shoplifters as soon as they step a foot inside the shops by identifying their facial features save in the system. When the system recognizes the offenders, the alert will notify the staff that the crime is happening. This system can even track multiple visits to several locations (Cahill, 2015).

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