Concepts that Involve Culture

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This semester we learned about a lot of things but I choice to look exactly at culture. In this paper I’m going to talk about culture and the concepts that involve culture and how things in culture teach us, and ways we use things to look at different people.

The first topic I picked was culture. Culture is what refers to the learned and shared behaviors, beliefs, attitude, values, and material objects that characterize a particular group or society. In my own words culture is the way people act, the way people think and how they interact with each other. It’s the things we learn that make us, us. Culture shapes a persons’ life, how they act how they feel. In the outside example I found about culture it talks about how culture teaches us as humans how to behavior in society, it tells us how we learn these behaviors from other people and how they make us the people we are even if we change how they do things into our own we all learn from each other and how to act.

The second topic I looked at is society. Society is a group of people who share a culture and defined territory. In my own words society is a group of people who share the same things. Culture and society function with each other, they go hand in hand. Without one you don’t really have the other. Society is what a culture creates, culture is what you’ve learned from people around you. So really what happens is yes culture is what you learn but really you create a society with culture. Culture is repeated within different people as the people with the same culture they go together and create a society. In my outside sorce it talked about how society works and how people use culture to create a society.

My third topic is material culture. This consists of the physical objects that people make, use and share. In my own words material culture is what people use in their daily lives like phones, and TV’s. Material culture is things that you use in your daily lives, it’s the phones, the TV’s, the cars, the books and many other things that help us make our lives what they are. Material culture is the materials that teach us things, even the little things that help us learn even in school.

My fourth material topic and it consists of the ideas that people create to interpret and understand the world. In my own words, this is the things that we make up to create things and to understand what happens in lives. It’s things that we use to understand things, it’s what we use to help us learn things without say phones. It’s using our heads it’s using our own ideas.

My fifth topic is language and that is a system of shared symbols that enables people to communicate with one another. In my own words it’s the way we talk to each other. Language is what we use to learn things between each other, the way we talk to each other. It’s how we learn from each other, its how we get knowledge from each other. Without knowledge we wouldn’t know as much as we do now, it’s how we teach each other. In my outside source it talks about how language helps people learn from each other which is exactly what the book is telling us.

My sixth topic is values. Values are the standards by which people define what is good or bad, moral or immoral, proper or improper, desirable or undesirable, beautiful or ugly. In my own word’s values are what a parent teaches their children when they are growing up. It’s the things that parents tell their children what to do and what not to do. It’s the things we look at in another person, it’s what brings people who are alike together. In my outside source it explains how people who have the same values end up marrying each other because they believe in the same things, they believe in same sex marriages and things of that nature. Both the book and the outside text talk about the same things, about how values create you as a person and how they affect you in the real world.

My seventh topic is norms. Norms are a society’s specific rules of right and wrong behavior. When society comes together they pick things that they think are right and wrong. For example, in some society’s same sex marriage is frowned upon. Therefore majority of that society thinks that it’s a wrong behavior. Whereas let’s say a society is okay with people stealing from each other then majority of that shared society thinks that’s it’s okay. Norms are something people just follow so they aren’t different.

My eighth topic is folkways. Folkways are norms that involve everyday customs, practices and interaction. In my own words this is what is pasted down by people that never change, they are what let’s say a family believes and nothing changes their minds.

My ninth topic is mores. Mores are norms that people consider very important because they maintain moral and ethical behavior. Mores are what people really look at, it’s the ethical behavior that people use to make sure people are right or wrong. Mores are what is important because they help us decide what is right and wrong.

And finally, the tenth topic is taboos. Taboos are strong prohibitions of any act that’s forbidden flect social customs, religious or moral beliefs, or laws. In my own words are what is very bad. Taboos are frowned upon. They are what people don’t want to keep, they are always frowned upon, they are what people don’t use even though they know then.

In chapter three, we learned about culture and how it makes the world turn. How it teaches us, and how it helps us. Learning and using these things help teach us as people they make us stronger together, it also teaches us what things we can and can’t do. Culture is a big part of living, it helps people learn.

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Three universal cultural concepts are the importance of family, the value of education, and the existence of social norms and customs that govern behavior. These concepts are found in almost every culture around the world.
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There are many examples of culture, but some common ones are language, religion, food, clothing, music, dance, and art.
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Culture is the set of beliefs, values, and customs that a group of people share. Society is the sum of all the cultures that make up a group of people.
What is the concept of cultural?
Culture is the holistic combination of learned and shared beliefs, values, and practices that create cohesion in a group and is the core concept within which anthropologists work. It is dynamic, evolving based on the needs of the people within it and as one culture comes into contact with another.
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