Communication Skills is My Strength Quality

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The one quality that I consider to be my key of strength is communication skill. Communication is act of exchanging information or data starting within a place and onto the next. There are different categories for communication which is verbal communication, non-verbal communication, written communication and visualizations. Verbal communication includes face to face interaction, using of telephone, television or radio and other social medias to connect with people.

Non-verbal communication consists of body languages, hand gestures, the way we dress up or even the fragrance we use. Written communication is regarding letters, e-mails, books, magazines, even the Internet or anything related to via other media. Last but not least visualizations is related to maps, logos and other visualise materials that can direct messages to ease people.

First of all, communication helps each and every one in the world to spread knowledge and information among individuals. For instance, writers or authors compose books to give learning to the world, and teachers in primary or even secondary schools share their involvement with their students. Likewise, companions or associates talk about their thoughts with one another, and companies’ trade data with their auxiliaries and customers.

In addition, the approach of the Internet not just enables people to have better access to learning and data in all fields, yet in addition makes it simpler and quicker to contact with individuals around the world. Without a doubt, the sharing knowledge and data process can’t work without communication. Therefore, companies can’t work, and mankind will be suffocated in the void of obliviousness.

Additionally, communication is the establishment of all human relationship. At first, strangers begin talking and becoming more acquainted with one another, and afterward the connections are framed when they have more cooperation and communication. Communicating encourages individuals to express their thoughts and sentiments, and it, in the meantime, causes us to comprehend feeling and contemplations of the others. Thus, we will create warmth or contempt toward other people, and positive or negative connections will be made (Anon., 2014).

As a marketing student I think that communication is essential because in today’s aggressive world, communication skills in business are the most looked for after nature of a successful student. The principal objective of marketing is to convey a message to potential customers intended to persuade them to play out an explicit activity more often than not to buy a specific item or administration. To be a viable marketer, one must have a sharp handle on the impacts of various media on correspondence and see how customers are well on the way to translate different messages (Wolfe, 2017).

I found that communication is strength for me because one should be a good reader to build up our communication abilities. Hence, with communication I gain more knowledge and improve my vocabulary through all the topics I can communicate with by reading. In addition, communication also boost my stage fear and nervousness whenever I face audience during presentation. In order to get rid of it, I participated in numerous of presentational and speech based activities in college and also outside.

During few of the workshop exercises or tutorials, there are few tasks related presenting our findings so I am the one who would step out without any hesitation to present regarding in front of the general audience. So, as marketing based student I found out this communication skill of the mandatory thing I should possess on in order to get a job that value my skills and qualities.

I found out that one of the workshop tutorial was challenging for me throughout this fourteen weeks of lectures. The tutorial was based on chapter 5 which is related to prioritising and decision making and this is based on a team task. It’s regarding shipwreck scenario. The ship is about to wreck, it contains 13 peoples with several of background but only six people could be saved on get into the lifeboat.

Hence, as in a group consists of five members must come to a consensus decision and also need to provide a rationale for each person we about to choose. In addition there’s no right or wrong answers. Observation in on contribution at an individual level and to a group decision making and arriving a consensus. I would tell that for this tutorial to get done communication among the members is the best way. To work effectively in a small group, as a college students should have the capacity to communicate on scholarly and passionate dimensions.

As a good communicator can explain their ideas, will express their emotions in an open yet non-undermining way, listen carefully to others what are they trying to convey and also will ask questions to clarify other’s ideas or any doubts. Customary open communication, in which aggregate group members share their considerations, thoughts, and emotions, is an absolute necessity for fruitful group work. Implicit suspicions and issues can be exceptionally dangerous to beneficial group work. At the point when students will discuss transparently with each other, a solid atmosphere will rise and a successful procedure can be pursued

Yes, there was contradictions evident across the module experience. There was once we had tutorial for chapter 8 which introductory exercise regarding first impressions. The task was regarding each of us in group need to choose 2 pictures from a compile album full of several photographs and need to discuss their first impressions of the people based solely on what we see in the picture. Hence, we need to ask or explain among our group members what they believe to be the background of the chosen person, their job, interests, family, history and etc.

This is where the conflict started where I conveyed my opinions on the chosen pictures since my strength is the communication skill its. There were some members disagree with my statement and tried to oppose me and also other members agreed with my opinions and statements. At the same time, I have never back off since this is a small issue can be solved and come to a conclusion. In a nutshell we all came to a conclusion and successfully presented the tutorial.

Clear, open, viable communication can make a feeling of straightforwardness in a association, which fabricates trust between dimensions of employees. Open communication can diminish sentiments of vulnerability and cluelessness about the condition of the organization, which makes for a progressively positive workplace and staff who feel secure and safe. Communication is fundamental to building connections between staff members and between dimensions of representatives, both on an expert and social dimension. An environment of open communication makes it alright for workers to express their thoughts; therefore, will have the advantage of staff’s consolidated involvement in thinking of inventive arrangements.

Communication diminishes false impressions and cuts the expenses related with missteps. Communication can enable your representatives to work together viably, which will make for an increasingly beneficial team generally. When numerous offices who are chipping away at various aspects of a similar task, communication can streamline the procedure and enhance the final product. At the point when staff talks straightforwardly to one another, they can convey potential issues, prerequisites and input that can make the outcome more grounded. Communication can guarantee that everybody is in agreement and forestall issues not far off (Smith, 2018). There a numerous of way to develop my communication skills in order achieve in future. I will set a friendly manner communication.

As an example greet fellow employees as the day begins. Keeping constant communication always in terms of keep up to date with them in any contributions for the company or organisations instead of relying on them always. Non-verbal communication also plays a vital role. I will try to maintain my smile whenever interacting with a employee and face contact. Last but not least, will lend my ears to listen to my fellow employees in order to give valuable feedback which will be useful for them and also for the company (Robins, 2018).

In terms of reflection of communication, as a good communicator or speaker I need to be clear in listening as well. How good is our listening skills are the only person who can let you know whether you have seen effectively or not is the speaker? In this way, as an augmentation of good listening skill, I have to build up the capacity to reflect words and emotions and to clear up that I have comprehended them accurately.

There are two main techniques of reflecting which is mirroring and paraphrasing. Mirroring is about should be conveyed in short term and understandable by audience. Basically it’s about repeating the key words. Paraphrasing is about using several of words what the speaker has said. It’s also not regarding listening to the speaker and it’s the ability to listen what the speaker is trying to convey through his message. Hence, in class or during lecture I am using my communication skill as my strength to listen first before I try to convey a message or any related opinions on certain topics and even during group works.

There are many ways to overcome certain challenges. For an example if I were working in a foreign company, first of all I need to understand how their culture speaks or communicate. And also need to realise how they are seeing the world around them as this may affects how they acts. In order to understand their culture we need to be in their shoes, see the world through their eyes and also get same thought like them as well. Furthermore, try to use simple language and also written language. Employees from other countries may face difficulties to understand certain cultures.

There was once a debate competition held in my college. I was so eager to enter the debate be representative of my college. I was looking forward to grab this chance in order to enhance my communication skill and also my oral skill. Hence, my lecturer helped me throughout for me to get to the chance to join and also contributed notes/points for the debate competition. Overall, I represented my college and gave my full commitment to achieve my goal.


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