Citizen K.

Updated May 12, 2022

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Citizen K. essay

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K. didn’t fight for his ideals, even when he is at threat, because his human nature is to go with the flow of life. He gives up his rights and his voice because “He was always inclined to take life as lightly as he could, to cross bridges when he came to them, pay no heed for the future, even when everything seemed under threat,”. K. is visited by a couple of policemen stating that he’s now under house arrest. Rather than fighting for his freedom, he listens to the men’s orders. Instead of freely expressing his thoughts and actions directly, K. tends to ask people who seem superior to him permission on what he can and can’t do.

“It immediately occurred to him that he needn’t have said this out loud, and that he must to some extent have acknowledged their authority by doing so. As K. starts to question the men about their unexpected arrival, K. notices their large and intimidating features. At this point, K. realized that these men were superior to him and that he shouldn’t challenge them but to just simply comply and listen to their commands. This however, gives the other person the authority and power to give K. an answer that restricts him from doing what he desires. K. could’ve determined to leave the mess of tangles and knots he was in, but he contemplated, “maybe they would grab him… he would lose all the advantages he… had over them”.

K. doesn’t protest because he fears that the policemen would use the power they have over K. and take away the minimum amount of freedom K. has. He let his authority and freedom be taken away because he found the policemen intimating and he wants his life to flow freely. K’s preoccupation with convincing the other characters in the story that he’s a good citizen and tendency to bow down to those with more “power” causes him to give over his authority and miss out on real freedom. . . .

K. allows the policemen talk him into doing actions he doesn’t necessarily want to do and instead of saying no, K. complies to their commands. He does this because he wants to prove to them that he had nothing to do with the accusation placed on him, so his mindset is that if he can show the policemen that he’s a good citizen than the policemen might let him go. K. fulfills all the policemen’s demands because of their physical superiority. “They were significantly bigger than him, especially the second man, who frequently slapped him on the shoulder,”. He wants to run out of the house and show the men that he’s innocent, but K. stops himself because he’s scared of the potential physical restraint. Ultimately, K. doesn’t take that action because he believes to some extent that by running away he’s gonna get into more trouble than he already is in.

For instance, on his first day at the trial, K. tries to use the power he has on the judge to get him and the audience in his favor, only to realize “As far as he could see, every one of them was wearing one of these badges. All of them belonged to the same group… he saw the same badge on the collar of the examining judge,”. Before, he was close to getting his power superior than a single judge, but once he sees how everyone in the trial room was on the same team as the judge, he steps down because he knows that everyone in that room together has more authority than him. When K. is asked to go to the trial on Sundays, “K. made no objection, the hearing would be left on Sundays. It was a matter of course that he would have to appear without fail,”.

He has been invited to a hang out on a Sunday with a deputy director, with whom K. badly wanted to improve his relationships with for work, but instead of saying no to the trial (which he didn’t have anything to do with) and improving a relationship, K. followed through with what the authoritative figures said and went to the trial to keep up his good face.

Citizen K. essay

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