Christmas Letter by Uncle Scrooge

Updated October 13, 2020

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Christmas Letter by Uncle Scrooge essay

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Dear Fred,

I am writing you this letter to apologise for my poor attitude I have had towards Christmas for these past few years. I would just like to start by saying how deeply sorry I am for bringing all my misery and sadness into your life, you are such a generous and kind young man and I have never realised how selfish it was of me to do that.

I would like to apologise for giving up Christmas without giving a chance or seeing the importance in Christmas spirit. I was too ignorant and obsessed with my income and money to be able to understand that and I will forever regret the years I wasted. I am sorry for always shutting you out and pushing away when you were only trying to be kind to me. It was not right of me to shut you down by saying “Bah! Humbug!” that night you came to wish me a merry Christmas. I have no intention to ever use that phrase again as it has such a horrid meaning behind it am I am sorry for using it towards you.

I am also sorry for arguing all your Christmas beliefs, I can now understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I have no right to tell you what you can and can’t believe. Everyone has every right and reason to be merry especially at a time like Christmas and I am ashamed that I couldn’t understand that earlier. I apologise for that way I talked to you that afternoon especially when I said you were poor enough to not be merry. It was so out of context and I now wish I had never said that. I have had my eyes opened and I can now see that you don’t need money to be happy at Christmas time; all you need is a loving family surrounding you while you enjoys a lovely home cook roast. I now understand how meaningless money is and how important it is to have loving people around you, such as yourself.

Christmas time is not a a time for paying bills without money; not a time for finding yourself a year older, and not an hour richer; not a time for balancing your books, and having every item in ’em through a round dozen of months presented dead against you? Christmas is a time for celebrating the people around you, it has taken me so long to realise this as I didn’t surround myself with people at Christmas time as I turned down all their invitations. I am sorry for also turning your invitation as well; I am very grateful to have been invited all the dinners and it now makes me sad that I missed that opportunity to spend the evening with you and your wife. You are so generous and caring and I am extremely sorry for any sadness I brought into your life.

It was also wrong of me to insult your marriage because I didn’t believe happiness was a thing; I was in no position to tell you who you did and didn’t love. I am truely just jealous that you have found someone who wants to spend every minute of her life with you because I don’t have that and deep inside it does make me sad. You and your wife Clara are such a gorgeous couple and I envy the love you have for each other very much.

I now plan to celebrate Christmas every year to bring happiness into my life and surround myself with people who care for me just like yourself. I thank you for never getting mad at me even when I deserved it. I know it may take you a while to forgive me but I hope that you can find it in your heart someday to forgive me for all I have done wrong too you and I hope you know I truely am sincerely sorry. My eyes have finally been open and I can’t wait to see what happiness and excitement the next year brings.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year Fred

Yours Sincerely,
Uncle Scrooge

Christmas Letter by Uncle Scrooge essay

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