Changes in Education System during Covid-19

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The structure of the education system is varying upon different countries as well as within states. Many countries already implemented advanced technology in teaching methods. The technology was brought into the educational realm until the 21st century. Technology helps to provide online learning, distance education, and remote learning, which holds continuous improvement in teaching methods. However, now the entire globe is spreading of coronavirus around the world, all the schools, campuses, universities are closed physically. The demand for different applications, tools, technology systems is increasing day by day for the education sector during this global pandemic.


In this pandemic situation, as a student, I would like to know what kinds of technology and tools are used while e-learning which helps to identify us to utilize in our class too. As the virus spread around the worldwide, we must be analyzed, understand, and find out the use of technology in the education system. I hope my research project will help others about the role of technologies and how can we be implemented in the future by an improvement of the education system. Thus, I choose this topic “Implementation of technology in the education system during COVID-19” as a research proposal.

Background Research

The integration of information technology in education will be continuously accelerated and become more used in the future as well. Technology always plays a vital role in the emergency too. The Coronavirus has affected whole education systems worldwide and most of the educational sectors are remains closed until now. However, the UNESCO International for Educational Planning recently published an international topic and polices to support flexible learning pathways. According to the international survey, most of the countries about 78% already introduced flexible modes to deliver distance learning, part-time study modes[2].

Some countries are using edtech which includes online learning through radio, television, texting, application, and internet to help remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic Situation. The world bank is actively connected to dozens of countries to support remote learning opportunities for those students who are closely affected by the COVID-19. Afghanistan has made guidelines as an “alternative education scheme for the persistence of Coronavirus”. These guidelines have three scenarios outlined, which help the current of the education system by doing distance learning included multimedia that can solve by the local resources to avoid dependencies. Ministry of Education of Argentina set the program called “Seguimos Educando” that began to broadcast educational content from April 1, 2020. Seguimos Educando is 14 hours a day television content with 7 hours a day of radio content that broadcasting with the presence of the teacher, artist, journalist to the students[3].

Georgia has changed the general education in the spring semester of 2020 when the first case of coronavirus was detected. The country and its population continuously providing online distance learning by using different available platforms such as TV school, Google Meet, Slack, Zoom, Microsoft teams for public schools with the support of the government. As a result, it shows that the quick transition of the online education process went successful and can be used for the future[1]. The pandemic of COVID-19 teaches that the countries and government should be more prepared than today for the generation of new rules and regulations, platforms to prevail in future cases.


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