Protagonist Josh Rose In The Saviors

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In the beginning of Savior, it shows main character Josh Rose, who is a United States Department of State official in France. He is seen meeting up with his wife and son in a cafe after a church mass, which he did not attend. After only being in there for a short time, his friend and fellow official Peter comes in to tell him that they got an alert about a bomb threat from a Muslim group. He says goodbye to his wife and son and that he will see them later. As soon as Josh and Peter exit the café, it blows up. His wife and son were killed in the explosion, with Muslim terrorists being responsible. After the mourning of his beloved family, he goes down the street to the closest mosque. Angered and upset about his family being killed, he walks in and shoots Muslim worshippers who were simply just praying. His friend Peter followed him and saw what he did and had to shoot of one of them for trying to kill Josh in retaliation. Instead of going to prison, both join the French Foreign Legion, where later he joins forces with the Serbians in the Bosnian War and changes his name to Guy.

Before they exit the French Foreign Legion in a scene Guy says, “I mean, I would like to find a war where I could fight for something that I believe in” Peter replies, “You mean you want to hate the guys you pop?” Guy replies, “Yeah, be nice for a change.” Based on this conversation, it can illustrate that Guy was referring to his hatred for the Muslims. The film depicts to us why he is fighting for them, and that is to get revenge on the Muslims, who he considers all to be terrorists. He believes that fighting against Bosnian Muslims, will get closure on the horrible deaths of his wife and son. The film demonstrates to us that he is fighting his own war because its personal in regards what happened to them. He wages a war against all Bosnian Muslims, regardless if they are civilians or not, symbolizing that his purpose was religious hatred against the Muslim religion. This is evident in a scene where he snipes a young Bosnian boy who was not a threat and had no involvement in the conflict whatsoever. It is obvious to the viewer that Guy’s actions are justified to him because he is fighting terrorists, because he believes every Muslim is radicalized, just because they are Muslim.

This can be related to Muller’s article “The banality of “ethnic war,”” where he mentions ethnic cleansing, in which it can stem from a hatred on the entire ethnicity or religion, based on the heinous actions of a few people, as we saw when his wife and son were blown up by Muslim terrorists. As the film progresses, we see Guy’s character change as he comes to realize that what he is doing, will not be proper closure to his family’s death. He begins to realize that innocent Muslims are a target in this war. We can see how he changes in a scene where he and fellow Serbian soldier Goran, go into a house with an old Muslim woman. She is seen sitting on the bed minding her business where Goran starts to be sarcastic with Guy about the woman, which he doesn’t acknowledge. Before Goran went into the house, Guy spotted a baby in a wardrobe and closed it knowing that Goran would have killed it. Goran chops off the finger of the old woman just so he could have her ring. When Guy asks why he did that, Goran responds with, “She’s just an old Muslim (bleep) let her bleed to death.” This can be the breaking point for Guy, in realizing that it is inhumane kill innocent woman and children and others just because they are Muslim. He realizes the evil in Goran is exactly what his mentality used to be. Not long after, the two meet with a Serbian woman named Vera who was a prisoner to drive her back to her home.

We come to know that she is pregnant, and the viewer can strongly assume that she was raped by a Bosnian Muslim. Goran stops the car and pulls her out and kicks her in the stomach for the sole reason for being pregnant with a Muslim baby. Goran then points his rifle to shoot when the baby comes out. We see Guy imploring Goran to stop and when he doesn’t, he shoots him to save the woman. This scene illustrates to us that while he originally had hatred for Muslims, he realizes that this was just wrong to do in the strongest possible terms. His character is significant in which he realizes his hatred was absolutely not justified and goes on to protect a Bosnian Muslim baby from a Bosnian Muslim father and risked his life in order to do so. He has a change of heart and the title of the film Savior, is clearly in relation to his bravery heroicness in trying to get Vera and her baby to safety. Guy felt that his duty to protect Vera and her baby, who is Muslim, was salvaging for his initial hatred of the Muslim religion. Guy stopped at nothing to let anyone interfere in his new mission to get Vera and her baby to safety.

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