Book Report: Fast Food Nation

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A Harmful Habit

This book analyzes the origin and the progress of the fast foods industry as well as its impact on the American citizens and the nation at large. This book informs the audience on the negative effects of fast foods on the health of the American citizens and provides recommendations on some of the strategies that can be used to enhance the fast food industry. This is meant to ensure accountability and prevent some of the harmful effects attributed to the sector. The food industry has continued to advance in the production of unhealthy foods due to the large number of consumers for their products. These foods can be accessed at every corner that enhances their consumption.

Some of the common foods include hamburgers, French fries, and hot dogs that can be accessed at restaurants, zoos, hospitals, and airplanes. Research indicates that Americans spend more money on fast foods compared to other important issues such as education and healthcare. Social, economic, and technological aspects of the American culture have influenced the consumption of fast foods. This means that most Americans can afford to buy fast foods that can be easily ordered through a mobile device that makes this harmful habit to continue increasing endangering the lives of American citizens.

Consequence of Fast Foods

The fast food industry has transformed the American diet with about one-quarter of American citizens visiting a fast food restaurant each day. This has also brought changes to the American society where there is a decrease in food prepared at home due to the preference and easy access of fast foods. Due to the increasing demand, the food industry has developed sophisticated technology to improve food production and the integration of chemicals to enhance the taste of most fast foods and encourage more people to consume these products.

These chemicals have a negative effect on the health of consumers who are not aware of the underlying processes that are involved in the production of these food products. The consequences of fast foods are evident in the increasing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure that are attributed to obesity. The fast food industry has also impacted the agriculture sector where small scale farmers and farmers who specialize in other foods have no market for their products. This has led to a decrease in farmers since the fast food industry has dominated the food industry by having their own ranches to produce their products.

Benefits of This Sector

Besides the negative effects of the fast food industry, the sector positively contributes to the economy of the nation due to the high revenues brought about by the high consumption rate of fast foods. Some of the biggest organizations in the fast food industry include the McDonald’s Corporation that has created employment for a big percentage of American citizens with the corporation hiring about one million new employees every year. Due to the increase in the consumption of fast foods, new retailers can open up fast food joints creating investment opportunities for American citizens. These companies also provide income to farmers who sell pork, chicken, and other products to these industries for food production. Fast foods are also cheap and convenient to access.

Improving Safety

Due to the benefits attributed to this sector, it is important to implement measures to minimize the harm and maximize on the benefits. This can be achieved through proper regulation in the manufacturing of food produce which may include proper guidelines on the raising of animals. Campaigns can also be developed to inform the public on the risks of fast foods and measures that can be implemented to improve their health. Informing the public will help them to understand what they are eating, how the food was manufactured, and the effect of the food on their health and the community at large. This will minimize the negative effects attributed to fast foods and maintaining the positive outcomes created by the sector. Proper regulation will ensure that food is safe for consumption by adhering to food safety standards from the production, processing, and packaging. One important area that can have a great impact is a change in the culture of the American citizens where individuals are trained on good and healthy practices concerning food choices.


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