Basic Human and Legal Rights of Marriage

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Marriage is defined to be “the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship” . One of the common construal of each human being on the planet about marriage would be of a man and a woman. But the with the altering and progressing world, one of the aspects of the marriages involving partners and not necessarily man and a woman unearthed.

Same-sex marriage dates back as early as 1st century when a Roman emperor Nero, was tangled into same-sex unions; well making him the first Roman emperor to marry a person of the same gender. On the opposite end of the spectrum of the time scale, same-sex marriage has been in great discussions since the early 18th century. Being the cynosure in many great debates, it was often concluded as being a major ethical issue and how it can be proven morally right or wrong. Same-sex marriage principle was either supported or shattered by the different ethics of the world around the time, such as utilitarian or a deontological theory.

Utilitarianism being such an influential theory, supports gay-marriage in sense that it promotes actions by groups or individuals that maximize happiness and well-being of the society as a whole and not limiting itself to self-benefits. The subjects of marriage are very multifaceted, particularly when dealing with the issues of who should and who should not be bonded together. Gay marriage is “the legal union between two people of the same gender” granting them the exact same set of legal rights as those owned by heterosexual couples. Homosexuality in general is an outcome of the unfortunate childhood of an individual where he or she remained in a confused state of mind with respect to sexual identity.

Rule utilitarianism supports the relationship between same genders as this reduces the sufferings of the society and increases the happiness of the world. There are no such rules in history or in any of the religious textbooks claiming marriage between two individuals of the same genders as immoral. Therefore seeking the basic guidelines of rule utilitarianism if the gay marriage isn’t affecting the greater society in a negative way and there are no rules restricting allowance of equal rights to same-sex couples, is some act (legalizing and granting equal rights) helps to increase the benefits of a majority section of a society, this a moral action. Hence, we cannot deny the basic human and legal rights of marriage to class of humans just on the basis of sexual preferences.


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