Analysis of Serial Killers: Nature vs. Nurture

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The automatic switch from a shy, friendly person to an aggressive masked killer. The purpose of the study was to try and understand what makes a serial killer tick, what made them what they are. The article explains how important it is to know what makes serial killers who they are and their differences from any other simple murderer.

Some of the methods used in the article to prove certain points were databases, brain scans, theories by philosophers, and certain cases of serial killers. The databases used in the article described gender differences, age, intelligence, and connections from their victims. The brain scans showed the brain activities between the orbital frontal cortex, the anterior cingulate cortex, and the amygdala. The brain activity was shown to have major differences between serial killers and normal people, and helped in proving one of the major points given in the article.

One of the questions sparked in this article was what their motives were. From this question it led to the controversies of whether they became the way they were by their genetic makeup or the way they were brought up. For the genetic makeup argument the main given examples were by their brain activity compared to others. The author made an argument that their thoughts do not have control over their reactions to ideas that apart of our DNA. The other argument explained was that these killers were normal before something happened to them like rejection at a young age by someone they looked up to, violence in their families, transitioning from one place to another and not being able to find comfort with others. When this happens they tend to make themselves feel better by dominating other things alone in many ways to feel some gratification or comfort.

Nature and nurture can play a major part in how a heartless killer is, but the article fails to explain that with genetics comes personality disorders that can drive someone to the extent of wanting to feel something and kill some to many others. Not only do serial killers have to be brought up in a terrible, isolating way, but they can be raised normally with issues. Their issues can cause stress and frustration so bad to where they feel to be violent to release the pain they feel. Lastly, people may kill simply because of their personality, they may find it interesting to be or act a certain way and pursue it.

The way serial killer were said to interact was that they were isolated from the rest of the world due to a major change in their life. The majority of them at least. With the given amount the best preventable method that can be used is to not ignore the signs of their loneliness and give or offer help. If believed that it’s their genetic makeup, take them to a neurologist before they find comfort in hurting or dominating others.

The article had made me come to an understanding of what the difference between serial killers and any other murderer was. Killings of the norm are said to be because of revenge or of someone related to the murderer. With serial killers their victims are almost never related to them in any way shape or form. Coming from personal opinion, nurture is something I believe is what makes a person the way they are, especially serial killers. One way I will use these findings in my own life is to apply the knowledge that is explained in the article to those close to me to better understand the circumstances of others.


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