An Analysis of the Person’s Choices and Decisions and the Role of Alexander the Great

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The person must be free to take his own choices and decisions. the society disapproves of our opinions, many people see that it’s important to care about society even their choices are rights and the society is wrong. I have another point of view, why I must follow the society even I’m wrong. Because I must know my mistake and I must take decisions to be prove myself and prove my culture.

The Great Alexander. the person who all the people said that he is mad because he’ll fight against the Persian soldiers who could be 2,000,000 soldiers and his soldiers were 35,000 soldiers. He didn’t care about the people, society and the big obstacles. He fought the Persian soldiers and won the war. he is my hero and my leader.

Another example, My brother, who was 24 years ago, wanted to marry a poor girl. Many people told him “no. she is poor and you are rich. you can’t do that”. everyone was against him. he was so upset and he though that’s better for him and the girl to escape together but he thought again and said “why I have to escape?”. he said he won’t marry any other girl and he will marry his love. last of the year, he married his love. if he listened to people and the society, he wouldn’t marry his love.

To conclude, I know we have different opinions. But I wanted to tell you that following society is the worst thing. follow what you want and do what makes you comfortable even it’s wrong because you will know the correct.

Greek language was widely spread through the empire this had a life long impact on the civilization as well as other civilizations. Writers, architects, scientist and artist are said to have “pass the torch of Greek culture to later civilizations” (Nardo 86). Religion was also effected by Alexanders influence, Jews were introduce to Greek learning that carried on to other religions. It was in Alexandria that the Greek translation of the Old Testament was created called the Septuagint.

Recant philosophers have tried to connect some doctrines of Christianity with beliefs of Greek Philosophy (Microsoft Encarta 3). Although the city thrived for many years, in time it began to loose its prosperity. The Jewish population, which was a large portion of the community, was abolished from Alexandria due to a Jewish revolt in AD 116. Needless to say, a large amount of the city was destroyed. The city of Alexandria was held from 1798 to 1801 by Napolean I.

At one time during battle Alexander gave a speech to his army inspiring them to remain strong. The speech was quoted by a Roman historian named Arrian. “I observe that you, Macedonians and allied forces, are not following me into dangers any longer with your old spirit. I have summoned you together, either to persuade you to go forward or to be persuaded by you and turn back… It is those who endure toil and who dare dangers that achieve glorious deeds; and it is a lovely thing to live with courage, and to die, leaving behind an everlasting renown… If then while you were bearing labors and bearing dangers, you would not unnaturally have become weary in your hearts; when you alone had all the labors, and were procuring the prizes thereof for others; but it is not so; our labors are shared in common; we bare an equal part in dangers.

The prizes are open to all. For the land is yours… and when we master all Asia, then by Heaven! I will not merely satisfy you… I will send home all who desire to go home or will myself lead them back; those who stay, I shall make to be envied by those who go back.” (Nardo 85). These words expresses Alexanders devotion and dedication to his empire, he was a ruler who proved to conquer ellexence in all. He had a great impact on Greek culture and history and is a well known leader throughout the world.

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