Amwrican Dream and Consumerism

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The American Dream is the belief that any human being no matter where they were born what class they were classified in raised in can fulfill their own version of success. Many different people of all races come to America to achieve their dreams. Everyone is created equal so the world should be better and richer for everyone and not just for the wealthy. The American Dream can lead to American Consumerism in many ways. Life is what you make it all you need is motivation to carry out a dream.

In the article “The Rise of the Consumerism” it gives readers an idea of how consumerism once came about. people use consumer goods as a display of class status. for example designer clothes, fancy cars, and large houses. it states that “Wartime production had helped pull America’s economy out of depression, and from the late 1940s on, young adults saw a remarkable rise in their spending, Jobs were plentiful, wages were higher, and because of the lack of consumer goods during the war.” Americans were eager to spend this meant that America became great again, citizens got what they asked for and desired. with this change to society, this started the confusion with the social classes, no matter theyre income or household.

Consumerism is a theory that encourages the purchase of goods and services to increase in order to be economically attractive. American consumerism grew rapidly in the 1920s thanks to advances in technology in the fields of communications, transportation and manufacturing, innovative ideas and inventions. Americans switched from traditional tax to the concept by purchasing goods with credit installment payment.

Due to newspapers and broadcasting in the 1920s, large amounts of advertising and marketing techniques dramatically increased sales through simple consumer credits. Black Friday? Black Friday is a consumer goods expression but, in fact, the daily use is not very good, for example, there are many aspects of consumption, some of which are useful and some are harmful to the public. People are created for consumption, and Christianity is compatible, but their use is not a complete material occupation.

Protecting American Dreams and Consumerism is one of the two concepts that interact with one another. The American dream is that “everybody reaches to their labors, reaches their goals, and becomes rich and prosperous” (“Dawson, 2008”), but somebody thought of America’s dream life.

Will the success of the success succeed in strengthening your position and achieving the person who wants more to continue thirsting? Fitzgerald pointed out that the Great Gatsby changed the essence of America’s dream (Pelzer, 2000, 91), and it is no longer labor-intensive and resolute. Does the American dream mean that everybody gets what they want? Wealth, material wealth, and power are the core principles of American dreams.

Pursuing a better life has brought the inflow of countless foreign immigrants to the United States, hoping to gain opportunities to gain huge opportunities. Achieving American dreams does not necessarily bring true happiness. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby realized America’ s dream, but his unrealistic belief in money and the possibility of life lies in his useless life based on lies with his dreams.

Materialism in The United States is known as the “place of opportunity”, a place where everything can be done. This way of thinking is called the “American dream”. The American dream gives hope and conviction and I am looking forward to meeting human desires and desires. American dream” can be considered a positive motive, but it often leads people to pursue material completion rather than mental pursuit.

In the article “Belief in the American Dream” it states that “researchers found a strong connection between materialistic individuals’ belief in the ‘American Dream’ and willingness to spend impulsively,” in this article this author is basically saying that every many materialistic buyers, with the end goal that while seeing high monetary versatility, these purchasers direct their conduct toward long haul money related achievement, relinquishing the joy of acquisitions in the present.

In conclusion, 60% of Americans believe that America’s dream is not a happy career, but a person who is striving to earn the most money. Everyone is taught to look for American dreams when I was young. Many people believe that this American dream can not or cannot be realized due to race or gender inequality. Most people believe that this American dream mainly applies to American citizens of white men. Another reason why you can not achieve this American dream is because of how difficult it is to find a job in today’s world. This “American dream” should not be seen as a dream, as only a few people can achieve it.


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