A Personal Statement of Aspirations and Educational Goals in the Field of Pharmacy

Updated August 1, 2022

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A Personal Statement of Aspirations and Educational Goals in the Field of Pharmacy essay

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Statement of Aspirations and Educational Goals On January 19, my dreams that I had be chasing for so long had finally landed in my hands. Wanting to be a pharmacist from a young age with only one question to answer: Where am I going to college? Looking high and low for the perfect fit for a college was nerve racking; I had many different options when it came down to it. Purdue University was my main choice, but I also considered University of Kentucky. One day in the month of March of my junior year had changed my future forever, I had received a call from an unknown number and for some unknown reason I went outside of my norm and decided to answer it. It was the admissions office from St. Louis College of Pharmacy (STLCOP); a college that I had never even heard of before that phone call. I went out on a whim and decided to go to the spring reception they were having, pretty much just for fun. Tarrived to the school where I immediately noticed the size. I could get from one side of the campus to the other in most likely less than 3 minutes… walking. As I looked more around there was only two buildings and one being built. The longer I stayed and learned more about the campus and what the school had to offer in terms of pharmacy I fell more in I love.

The idea of being in a school with less than 1700 students that are all working towards what I am working for had almost given me butterflies in my stomach, ensuring me as a student that everyone around me was either going through, or went through what I was. Each new thing I learned about the campus made me more and more excited to hopefully one day attend there. It was a competitive program that only accepts up to 250 freshmen a year; making me nervous about my chances. The coursework and the way they set up the program was just so much in what I was looking for. It was a seven year program, three years of pre graduate studies and 4 years of graduate, which you were automatically accepted into as long as you maintain a 2.9 grade point average. The month of July had slowly came along, I had already taken my SAT’s and was ready to apply. The long 7 months of waiting for the letter finally ended. Shaking and on the verge of crying I opened the letter and had the joyful news that I had been accepted with and 8,000 dollar scholarship towards my 28,000 dollar tuition every year.

From that moment on I had knew in my heart that this is the place where I will happily be spending the next seven years of my life. The idea had come into my mind more than a couple of times, the idea that maybe I wouldn’t enjoy pharmacy as much as I think I would. As this question had come across my mind an opportunity of a HOSA class had made it my way. In this class I had 2 weeks to finish about 5 chapters out of a textbook and take a test, then I got to have the privilege of being able to intern at a local pharmacy for the rest of the year. This opportunity has ensured me as an individual that pharmacy is the right choice for me. I go to the pharmacy everyday learning something new about the career field that I plan to study in. I have as much excitement and enthusiasm about the job as I did the first day walking into it. My plan that I have been trying to figure out these past four or five years has finally came into place. I’ll be spending the next seven years in St. Louis, Missouri studying to be a pharmacist. It will be challenging, but some words of encouragement that i received when I was at STLCOP was “It is challenging but if it was impossible, nobody would be here” and I take that statement a lot more seriously. I know what I want to do, and how I can do it; and I believe in myself to be capable of anybody else at STLCOP to finish my doctorate degree and achieve my dream of being a pharmacist; and that’s what I’m going to do.

A Personal Statement of Aspirations and Educational Goals in the Field of Pharmacy essay

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