A New System Dense Object Nets

Updated August 3, 2022

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A New System Dense Object Nets essay

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A new system referred to as Dense Object Nets (DON) has been created by researchers from MIT. The goal of the system is for a robot to be able to inspect different items and be able to differentiate between them to complete various tasks. Prior to this development, robots have been able to pick up the same objects through an assembly line set-up, but with this breakthrough, researchers are hopeful that the system could become useful in both manufacturer and home settings. The DON system would allow the robot to “view” items through a collection of coordinates or points of any object which would allow them to understand what the object is and how to specifically handle it. I have always been interested in robots and seeing new developments arise excites me because it shows what strides the world is making technologically. If the robots become capable of fully manipulating objects and completing tasks, I believe the world will change drastically and for the better

Researchers at UC Berkeley have started working on 3D modeling of indoor environments. Plans for this project include building a prototype that will be used on the UC Berkeley campus. Though this type of project has been attempted numerous times, researches are determined to break through the challenges that come with the extensive needs including algorithm localization and other technical ideas. If successful, this new technology could help our military train in safe, simulated environments for different war zones as well as allowing civilian simulations for disasters. Being prior military, I understand how 3D simulation training would be much more beneficial than computerized training that is used today. In terms of computer science, if the researchers are successful, this would be a major breakthrough in the field due to the various technical challenges that come with 3D modeling as well as bringing several types of computer science into one field.

Penn State is working with the Army Research Laboratory to create a type of computer science to deal with cyberattacks which has become a prevalent issue in the new technological world. The goals of the project are as follows: catching cyberspace attacks, managing and measuring the risk, and finding a common fix without going past budget. In order to stop the cyberattacks, researchers hope to find what motivates them as well as the limit, or lack thereof, of their abilities. I have personally seen the effects of cyber attacks and seeing Penn State take active steps to stop this from occurring is a change in the dynamic of cyberspace. Just about everything is online now and in the wrong hands could prove to be disastrous. In my mind, I imagine these attackers managing to access individuals’ bank accounts and taking their money, which I have seen done. Being able to put a stop to these attacks and having better defense system would create a much safer online experience.

Prior research into robotics focused primarily on wheeled robots to explore Earth and other planets such as the Mars Rover. Currently, Stanford University is exploring the potential creating of legged robots that could access areas of Earth that would otherwise be inaccessible. Due to the current software limitations, researchers are working on developing a new software that will enhance the movements of the quadruped robots. There is still so much to discover about not only Earth, but other planets as well. If this software is completed, these machines will be able to provide incredible data into the world around us. I would love to see how the researchers create a software that would allow the delicate movements required for the robots to reach various areas.

Computerized graphic design has reached leaps and bounds since the original software was created. Princeton University researchers have created a system that works off of data and synthesizers to make the designing process much simpler. In past times, cartoons took so long to make because the artists had to draw every single scene by hand. Now, software allows manipulation of the images to match what the designer has in mind using simple tools. It’s no secret that graphic designs play a major role in commercial products so this software could save time and money whilst also having a positive effect on customer satisfaction. The change in this software can affect all aspects of computer science in that it modifies technological inconveniences to allow a simpler process.

A New System Dense Object Nets essay

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