A Critique of the Definition of Sexy in Two Videos by Chris Isaak

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Throughout the music video “Wicked Game”, Chris Isaak uses sexual appeal to lure in viewers but fails to keep the audience engrossed throughout the entire four-minute showing. To men, sexy could mean a naked woman flaunting her body around in the sand. To women, sexy could mean being as skinny as possible. To me, I think that sexy look past physical traits. Sexy is confidence and class. This video lacks my meaning of sexy and fails to keep me intrigued even half way into the video. Just like any sex scene in a movie or even pornography, you know exactly what is going to happen before it even begins. Each and every situation involves the same concept: the male trying to make his way around the ballpark Even though the video uses a beautiful supermodel, it still does not succeed in reeling in the audience.

If the director was smart, he would have used an already emotionally connected couple to develop a more realistic situation. The model succeeded in attracting lsaak but the video itself failed to attract me. Throughout the long four minutes, Chris only managed to make it to second base, as we expected A simple neck kiss and a sneak peak at her curves was as sexy as they could make it and this was far from piquing my interest. Isaak said himself, reflecting on the finished product, “I just don’t think it’s going to be sexy enough for them to play this.” People in the generation that we live in today want to see new and different creations, and this video does not seem to satisfy.

Maybe the definition of sexy back then was different than what we see sexy as now. The presentation of the video itself was done very poorly. There is no clear focus on what I am suppose to pay attention to. Am I suppose to be staring at the women’s curves, or the fact that she is playing in the sand. Everything was done very bland and was unattractive from the start to the finish Even though color video was available at the time, the producer felt the need to use a black and white setting. They were successful in setting the glum tone of the video to match its message, but at the same time made it much less appealing to the eye, Black and white means boring and boring is not what people want to see. Today, you will never see any video purposely in black and white, Along with the monotonous screen showing, both the song and video move at a very slow pace as the clouds roll by and the romance continues.

Being a runner, I like everything fast and furious, so the slow motion feature of this video does not cut it for met If] were responsible for making the video edits, I would transform it into a storyline. This way instead of staring at the same picture over and over, there would at least be something to follow. It is almost impossible to focus on watching a video when it is unrelatable, To most people, it’s not a reality to have a supermodel on a private island. I like to watch things that can be applicable to me in my own life, and this surely is not even close to that. Who doesn’t want to love a supermodel? Never in my life I see myself alone on a romantic beach with the girl of my dreams.

The message of the lyrics of falling in love is not realistic in Isaak’s point of View, He wants us to to be in that moment of “vulnerability”, but that doesn’t convey on a larger scale In lsaak’s next hit video ”Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing” which was directed by the same man who directed “Wicked Game”, he uses the same approach of sensuality to gather an audience. Differently in this 1990 film, the director uses color picture and a faster beat to reach out to different biased viewers. This new video was quite the opposite of the previous “Wicked Game” as it even caught my eye with its sexual appealr It had a message relative to his previous hit but presented it in a different way. The video’s energy gained it some popularity in the music business but was still a step behind Chris’ first hit, It did not do as well in the rankings which shows what type of sexy the majority prefers.

However, every person has their own opinion Obviously enough people enjoyed the music video as it went to win various awards such as Best Male Video, Best Cinematography, and Best Video from a Film on the MTV Music Video Awards, It also did very well in rankings coming in 13th on VHl’s 100 Greatest Videos, 4th on VH1’s 50 Sexiest Video Moments, 73th on Rolling Stone magazine’s “The 100 Top Music Videos”, and placed first on Fuse’s “40 Sexiest Videos” in 2010. It came to a surprise that the video won many awards being that today it would a misrepresentation of woman. However, today you would think that shaking your tail end is the new thing because of video Vixens.

They do not try to illustrate what it actually means to be in love or in this sense, to love a sexy woman It is the sad truth that some people do not care about this sort of thing. I can not speak on Chris’ behalf, but they don’t care about creating something special Rather they care about sexy and sexy sales Maybe for that reason he got those awards, but they’re not for a good cause, Many believe that Wicked Game was engaging, but it all depends on your interpretation of “sexy’.


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