Women’s Suffrage Campaign

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Rallies, are occurring more and more. Women in the streets, looking for an answer. Why can they vote? Why can’t they have the same rights as men? There is a different group in town, though. A group that opposes these rights. With so many amazing arguments on each side, it is hard to decide which side anyone wants to support. These women will not give up until they gain their rights. So, why is this matter driving women crazy?

One reason this matter is driving these women crazy, is the pros of the movement. For example, the thought of individual rights brought many women together. This was only the “first wave” of the feminist movement in the U.S. There was also a group challenging these rights. It is misunderstood that these groups were only created to leave politics to the men, not as hate groups to women. Arguments also said that if they were going to obey the laws, they wanted to vote on those laws.

Things were also looking up for the movement because women had as much the right as men to vote, votes for women had already been introduced in other parts of the world (USA, New Zealand, Australia) since 1988 some women had the right to vote in local elections, why not parliamentary elections too? Modern women were more independent and educated than in previous generations it would be democratic to give women the vote. So, with as many pros as this, there has to be a lot of cons, right? Yes, there were many.

There were many pros and things were looking good for the movement. But, there are always downsides to something good. For example, it was not a quick process, it took a lot of years for women to gain their rights. The movement did not include anything along racial and class lines.

Another thing stopping their rights were the NAOWS. That was the group that opposed women’s suffrage. The group also made it harder for women to gain the right to vote. Even the Australian media depicted women as weak, unintelligent, emotional, and too involved in domestic and trivial matters. Other cons include how some men claimed politics was an unsuitable activity for women.

They said that women had no interest in politics and that they would not understand political issues. Many women (including Queen Victoria) were against the idea of giving women the right to vote. There were many more important social issues which would affect larger numbers of women, as opposed to the small number of middle class women. Not all men had the vote, so why should women? Can’t give vote to all women. Violent tactics of campaigners proved women were irresponsible and women should not be allowed the vote because they would not take part in protecting the country during wartime. See, there were a lot of cons with the women’s suffrage movement that what people would think.

Pros put a positive impact on the campaign. However, the cons set them back. They were able to fight for their right. It was hard to decide what side to be on, for or against women’s suffrage. But, the facts are now laid out for anyone to decide. Now the question is would you rather support the women’s suffrage campaign, or would you rather not let women get the right to vote? No matter which side you choose, that will have great arguments and will be the right thing, according also to the other groupmates. Choose wisely, and don’t let anybody else determine what side is right. Remember, there is no right answer to this one, only a lot of competition.

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