Wintry Cub Business Plan

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Executive Summary

In the United States nearly 80% of consumers in American prefer frozen yogurt over ice cream, gelato, and other types of frozen treats. The frozen yogurt industry grew 23% between 2008- 2013, and another 7% between 2013-2014. Yet, in North Carolina there are many well-known frozen yogurt shops. Mostly all of these shops are in heavy populated areas such as Raleigh, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, and Cary.

However, this is a problem with families that don’t live near these big cities. In which is even more disheartening because the means people in smaller cities and towns would have to drive 30 to 45 minuets to get a frozen tasty treat. Though we all don’t have time in their busy schedules to take that nice trip to get a frozen treat. In Butner, Wintry Cub was created to help solve this problem in its community. The Wintry Cub is a small frozen yogurt shop focused on providing frozen tasty treat to families, friends, students and the community. Our locations will be off of highway 56 in Bunter, NC.

The hours of operations will be Monday- Thursday 11:30 am- 10 pm and Friday- Sunday 11:00 am- 11:00 pm. Also, in the future plans for every other month on the sixth, donate fifteen percent of the profit to a tiger protection organization to protect tigers just like our mascot Frosty. We want the community to know that at Wintry Cub that we care about our customers and the animals the we want our future generations to see. Wintry Cub aims to provide the community not just with a tasty frozen treat but also sweet treats and locally grown fruits as toping choices for our frozen yogurt.

Our product line will include three different flavors ever season, along with three non-dairy flavors. Our frozen yogurt will be bought from the whole sale market and out fruit from local farmer and distributers. Wintry Cub plans to make themselves known by advertising online, newspaper, social events, and all around the community. We will go the extra mile to reach success.

The Wintry Cub understands there are strong and popular competitors in the frozen yogurt market it I believe that this small business will be successful and most fun warm place to be in Butner. In order to start the Wintry Cub, I expect the cost will be about $15,000. With this money I will open Wintry Cub storefront in Butner, North Carolina and share tasty frozen treats with its community.


There are many competitors in this type of industry. For Wintry Cub the closest major competitors are Sweet Frog, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, and Red Mango. Out of those major competitors Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is a major threat due to them have the portion of the market share at 13.6%. The other two competitors not far behind with Sweet Frog at 10.4% and Red Mango at 7.8%.

The competitor most like Wintry Cub is Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt who provides new flavors every month, along with fresh fruit and ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors. Menchie’s strives for freshness, even with there topping options. Although Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt need small advertisement being a franchise and their good reputation, along with having 540 stores in the Europe/Asian regions and north America.

They have great benefits but at Wintry Cub we will offer fresh fruit and ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors just like Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt but also offer year around option nondairy frozen yogurt. Even though Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt offer similar products, it won’t compete with Wintry Cub locally grow fresh fruits and atmosphere. Wintry Cub has the advantage by building relationships with local farms and people in the community making the store feel like home for everyone who stops in for a tasty treat.

Also, Wintry Cub is close by for families, students, and the community to easily stop by during their busy schedules for a delicious frozen yogurt. Indirect competitor includes a company like Häagen Dasz, they offer ice cream, trio, bars, non-dairy, and sorbet. Wintry Cub also provides non-dairy ideas but focuses on providing tasty frozen yogurt treats.

SWOT Analysis


  • Easy to change marketing decisions: With the Wintry Cub being a small business; it allows us to make marking decisions for the business in a short period of time. Being able to do this is important because the fast pace world we live in today. This helps how we can brand the Wintry Cub and reach our customers, which is incredibly important.
  • Variety of flavors: Having the Wintry Cub with many flavors option gives us a chance to reach more customers. Also, with the different choices of toppings allows our customers to make their frozen treat their own.
  • Fresh Ingredients: Using fresh local ingredients is very important considering that more and more people are concerned with where their food comes from. As well as using ingredients locally grow helps build relationships with the community.
  • Community events: With all the Social event happening in the community the Wintry Cub will get involved by putting up booths that allows the community to try free sample and get a frozen tasty treat with some of our popular topping options.


  • Number of locations: Of course, with being a new small business just starting out the number of locations will be a weakness for our business. Compared to our competitors having many locations and popularity, people from outside of the area will more likely go to our competitors.
  • Strong competitors: Due to the number of strong competitors this can be a problem to the Wintry Cub. Our competitors have brand loyalty which implies that customers prefer their brand, if it’s the product, service, or atmosphere.
  • Business size: The Wintry Cub being a small business compared to the competition it always has it down side. Being a small business makes it hard to get loans and having few employees.
  • Seasonal options: Having Seasonal options of Frozen yogurt could have down falls such as having enough inventory for make the yogurt. Using fresh seasonal ingredients, the inventory can come short depending on how the harvest was. Along with that if the inventory is short the Wintry Cub will have to decide to remove this flavor for the seasonal options or to find a new vender to buy that seasonal fruit.


  • New options: The Wintry Cub has opportunities to make new flavor and have new options for topping for our tasty treat. Another thing is taking surveys making some of our seasonal option into a year-round option.
  • Different Marketing strategies; By trying different Marketing strategies can help the Wintry Cub brand itself. Sense the Wintry Cub is a small business it is easy to change and try new marketing strategies to draw in new customers.


  • Competitors: Due to the competitors of the Wintry Cub being so well known and strongly branded they are a threat to our business. Like previously stated that customers to these large brand companies has loyal to the company brand, making consumers not want to stop into the wintry Cub for a tasty treat but that brand that they already know and love.
  • Seasons: Some people think that these shouldn’t have an effect on a business but in all reality it does. Previously mentioned that the Wintry Cub will have Seasonal options and depending on the fruit flavor we chose could be a problem. For fruit it only has a particular time in the year that it is grow and harvested; some fruits have a shorter harvesting season which would limit the amount of inventory for that particular fruit.

Marketing Plan

Target Market

The Wintry Cub our target market will be composed of mostly generation Z (3-23 years old). For generation Z there is nearly 74 billion people in the United States. In 2015, 41.8 percent of consumers age that bought frozen yogurt was 18 to 35. Studies has shown that the average woman has their first child between 28 to 35 year of age. On these averages the Wintry Cub is not just targeting teen we are targeting families. Of course, families are wanting to make sure that their children are fresh food; even a frozen tasty treat. With the Wintry Cub offering fresh frozen yogurt options this will bring success among our target market.

Marketing Mix Product

The products Wintry Cub provides is a line of seasonal frozen yogurt treats that are delicious and made with fresh grow fruits want indented to connect with Granville County community/business. We will be offering 18 flavorful option throughout the year. Three of these flavor options will change seasonally and three other flavors will be non-diary chose that will stay the same throughout the year. Wintry Cub will be a self-service style store, and our employees will service our customer if they help. We will offer of yogurt it two different cup sizes. For the Summer product line, the flavors we will offer is Price Our business will price our product like other frozen yogurt shop, by using a weight scale.

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