Will Smith’s Guide to Motivation

Updated May 5, 2022

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Will Smith’s Guide to Motivation essay

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When we think of the word motivation, we normally discuss and affiliate the term by definitions of self-interest, physical needs, and desires. When there is a desire for any goal or materialistic object, we have a driven hunger inside of us that makes us ambitious towards it. Motivation often becomes inserted with the word optimism as if they have similar meaning which is not always the case. While observing the Will Smith’s guide to motivation video, I found a few subtopics that help contribute towards his main idea and beliefs on defining what motivation is. In order to have motivation we have to ask ourselves if we seek or desire something that will be long-lasting in our favor. We as individuals have the opportunity to control our own destiny. We have to “know who we are, and know what we believe in” (Smith). Even though we were raised in different environments, there still are opportunities out somewhere in the world that can help guide us towards being successful in our craft.

Though we are eager to go out into the world on our own and tackle different experiences and opportunities we need to “Lay one brick at a time” (Smith). We have to “Build a foundation first” (Smith). In my judgement, I found this quote very beneficial when it comes down to my personal craft. From my personal standpoint, to have a successful craft we have to be passionate about what we truly desire or believe in. If we all have a desire for a perfect craft then there needs to be a consistent work ethic involved. There are no shortcuts in life, therefore, we have to study, work, and dedicate ourselves towards becoming confident in our craft and having an idea on what we’re doing.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we were constantly living in fear? Franklin Roosevelt once said, “The only thing you have to fear is fear itself” (Roosevelt). Will Smith referenced this quote to persuade the audience whether your young lacking prudence or have matured with experience to attack your biggest fear. Dare to be different in order to achieve greatness. Will Smith states that “Greatness exists in all of us” (Smith). We shouldn’t let fear determine who we are as individuals or current and upcoming generations. When fear is involved, we more so dwell on the what if’s which leads to our situations being controlled and manipulated by others.

This is why we “should embrace the idea that it’s not going to happen and make it real” (Smith). For instance, one of my biggest fears is being a disappointment to my family as well as becoming a failure. Therefore, these circumstances facilitate my motivation in perfecting my craft and improving my work ethic. When it comes down to motivation I strive towards perfection as in constantly making all A’s. Whenever I make a mistake in a subject and score lower than I anticipate I take that into consideration. Once I realize my mistake, I attempt to learn from it. Therefore, I am dedicated to my craft because I am constantly wanting to improve in my school work. The best way to continue motivation is to examine yourself, figure out what’s really important, and approach those challenging situations that may cause a hinderance face to face.


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Will Smith’s Guide to Motivation essay

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