Why My Friends Should Take Public Speaking

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Why My Friends Should Take Public Speaking essay
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Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you to inform you how significant public speaking is and why you need to take it seriously. You should take public speaking because it constitutes a fundamental basis in almost all the careers that you are pursuing. The knowledge gained from public speaking is tantamount to your business, career, relationship, and personal development and growth. I am here today to allow you know that public speaking represents a skill that is worth learning.

Public speaking leads to effectiveness in communication. We all appreciate the significance of communication in our lives. As human beings, we have a tendency of communicating almost every minute of our life. Communication skills are derived from public speaking and it supports us to influence others as well as motivate and constitute a robust and formidable network, remember, your network is your net worth. Proper networking can only be achieved through effective and efficient communication. As it has been said before by our peers ahead of us, public speaking is the most dreaded and effective way of communication. It casts away the fear of expressing oneself tremendously. You want to excel in your career path today and achieve personal development and growth? At that point in time, you ought to take public speaking today.

According to history and all the major happenings in the United States, the essence of public speaking is evident. I want to believe all of you have read the speech that Martin Luther gave entitled ‘I have a dream.” This was the most defining moment in the history of the fight if equality in the United States if America. This speech persuaded people by giving them hope; it influenced the leadership of the United States to see sense with considering all the races with uttermost equality. The speech also inspired young people, and leadership was encountering discrimination in all aspects of their lives. Imagine what an inspirational public speech can do to the masses. Conceivably it could have endured decades, or centuries for this dream to be realized but because of the power of public speech, the trajectory was shortened immensely. Other notable leaders who delivered rousing notable speeches that influenced America are Former President Nixon, Abraham Lincoln, and Hitler in Germany. From the foregoing examples, it is evident that public speaking has enabled unification of people and supported causal changes. However, it should be noted that public speaking can be misused to destroy the masses and incite the public.

Finally, taking public speaking will aid you to increase your self-confidence and improve your personality. From my personal experience, I will inform you that there has been a significant transformation in my life before and after I took public speaking. In my public speaking classes, I acquired a lot that increased my knowledge about the basis of certain aspects of society and my career. Initially, I was incapable to commence conversations, speak to people publicly and influence them. However, am now more competent and I feel more confident than ever. The preparations I undertake before going for public speaking has continues to be of substantial benefit. The chance I get to address diverse audiences of varying demographics offers an invaluable opportunity for immense experiences. That is why I urge you to consider taking public speaking to add on what you have at the moment. It is a great auxiliary experience not to be skipped. Much appreciated.

Why My Friends Should Take Public Speaking essay

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