Updated October 31, 2020

Why I Prefer the China Town Restaurant

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Why I Prefer the China Town Restaurant essay
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What is your favorite restaurant? Everyone has a favorite restaurant. Some people like homemade food and some people like store-bought food. For me, I like restaurant food, and my favorite restaurant is China Town because it’s delicious, comfortable, and having a good price.

First and most important, China Town is a comfortale restaurant. It’s a small and cozy restaurant in Al Khobar. China Town is also an old restaurant, and it’s my father’s favorite restaurant when he was a kid. The décor inside is very creative. The restaurant has warm red and yellow furniture, and it has antique Chinese wooden tables. The people who worked at the restaurant when my father was a kid are the same ones who are working now. It’s a restaurant run by a Chinese family. When I think about them now, I remember their warm smiles and sincere care for each customer. They make me feel at home. The employees wear uniforms that are made from blue jean, and it has branded on them the dragon logo. The restaurant and the uniform have a unity which is an important feeling between them. Another thing, the restaurant has a place for children to play in which makes the families comfortable. Moreover, China Town plays classical English music which makes me relax and comfortable.

Another thing about China Town is, it has delicious food. It has a very unique and traditional food. The restaurant has many cuisines, not only Chinese. It also serves Italian food, such as pasta, pizza, and large varieties of chicken with its remarkable sauce, so the restaurant satisfies all tastes. The food at the restaurant is not like fast food it much closer to home food. I always order a shrimp soup with lemon. It arrives in a big bowl with one of those wide, shallow spoons. It is refreshing, not salty, so I order extra salt with it. I also order noodles which are extremely tasty. They’re so thin and clear. It tastes very delicious with a salt smooth taste.

The third thing about The China Town is, they have a good price. The prices are low at the restaurant. The average dinner cost is about 50-70 Saudi Riyals per person, and I appreciate the high quality and service. Another important thing about the restaurant is the charity that they have. They also provide free meals for poor families.

In concluding, I prefer the China Town restaurant because it’s tasty, restful, and having a good cost. It is the perfect place to eat and have a relaxed time. If I can, I will eat dinner every day in China Town.

Why I Prefer the China Town Restaurant essay

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