Why Do I Need to Apply for an MBA

  • Updated September 17, 2021
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It has been a great journey for me from student to an experienced professional. Here is my brief and honest effort to explain my need for going for an MBA. Outstanding academic performance in my school and junior college, made me ready to secure a seat in one of the prestigious and oldest colleges in India, Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute (VJTI) at Mumbai.

There I observed a tremendous improvement in my personality with respect to quantitative, qualitative and communication skills. Participation in various inter-college activities improved my public speaking skills, interpersonal relationship skills and made me an excellent team player too. The thought of pursuing MBA came to my mind right after I completed my graduation. However, I decided to get some practical experience as it would help me to understand and apply the important aspects of Business Administration. I got a job opportunity in Tata Consultancy Services which is Asia’s largest Software Consultancy firm.

My first assignment was for National Australia Group, in the United Kingdom. Later on I moved to USA to work with General Electric. Working with these big global companies, added an extra dimension to my personality. I got an opportunity to work on a managerial position that involved interaction with customers and functional teams across the globe. Effective Project Management and Quality Assurance were the key deliverables in my Project. This inspired me to go for the globally recognized certifications like PMP® and CSQA®. This gave me a good recognition in my company.

And I was promoted to a senior position. At this time, I felt that I have acquired a good amount of practical knowledge in Business and Management both. I am doing very well in my career and going for an MBA is a big decision for me. But I strongly feel that rigorous and quality study in Management is a must for understanding the Business and Functions in any organization. I am doing better, but I want to be the best. I am a manager now, but I want to be a leader. I feel, manager does the things right and leaders does the right things. They provide the vision and correct strategy to the organization. I have these qualities somewhere in me and I want to bring them out and sharpen them and provide best of my services to the industry.

Considering all this, I have decided to go for my long awaited wish of completing my MBA. Quality of education, competitive environment, multicultural and international exposure was the criteria for school selection. And I am happy that I have found a business school of my choice. I am sure the MBA from an esteemed institute like yours, will make me complete for the leadership position in the global professional world. If offered a place in your esteemed institute, I would strive hard to meet all expectations of your institute.

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