Why College Students Cheat

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Living in this world is full of surprises, especially for college students. College students are adults, and they have different ways they live this world because their different backgrounds. Life can make students miserable and complicated because they couldn’t find time to study or do their homework. Even though they all have that problems, not all students cheat.

Some students can manage their time and avoid cheating and others won’t. The students who cheat eventually are reported to the Academic Dean and may have serious punishment regarding to his or her behavior. There are severe ways that considered to be cheating in college.

Some of the reasons college students cheat are; students are afraid of being closed out from college, some students don’t realize that they are cheating, and taking prerequisites courses which are not related to their career.

Students are afraid of being closed out from college because of the grades. By having pressure to pass the class, students do anything possible to pass the examination including cheating. College students must have C or better in order to pass the class, so if the student didn’t get the right scores, he or she is willing to fail. Furthermore, most of college students are part-time employees and others are fulltime employees, and they don’t have enough time to prepare their test, therefore they end up cheating. In addition, some student dishonesty and plagiarize without knowing it because they don’t consider it as cheating.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary “plagiarize is to still or pass off (the ideas or words) of another as one’s own; use without crediting the source.” Sometimes student do plagiarism accidently by using the same sentences that is in the articles.

The researcher Bill Bower stated many types of cheating, and he included how students cheat by copy someone’s test, duplicate another student’s assignment or acquire the answer from someone who took same test without realizing that they are cheating.

Example, when students are given individual work and they do in group, it is considered as cheating whether they believe it or not. Yardley et al (2019) questioned the students in survey about cheating and 81.7% admitted that they do it in undergraduate years. In college, students are required to have prerequisites before they get into the major.

The writer Marilyn Franch seems to disagree with students who complain about getting unnecessary classes. Students intend to cheat in classes that they think aren’t going to help them in future career. Peter Lanakier in “the core classes” states that not every core classes students take will be worthwhile, but all provide them opportunity and prepare them for their future courses.

Most of the student agreed with Peter fact that not all those prerequisites are needed but other don’t. Students just take them because they are required in order to get into their program. These ideas of not taking those prerequisites classes serious, they cause students to cheat because they didn’t focus on them.


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