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Concept of Pain

Introduction Pain is an agonizing experience that is felt by almost everyone. The term “pain” is commonly used in health care and in nursing practice. As nurses, we adhere to the five stages of the nursing process when it comes to patient care which includes assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, and evaluating. Pain assessment and evaluation…



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Improving Pain Management in Hospice 

According to the Institute of Medicine, “a good death” is one that is “free from avoidable distress and suffering for patient, family, and caregivers, in general accord with the patient’s and family’s wishes, and reasonably consistent with clinical, cultural, and ethical standards (Gustafson, 2007).” No one wants to see their loved one suffering during their…




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Clinical Guidelines on Pain management

The perception of pain is handled differently by every patient, it is vital as healthcare providers that clinical guidelines are utilized when evaluating a child experiencing pain while utilizing the proper methods to manage their pain in an efficient and safe manner. Appropriate use of updated clinical guidelines on pain management can prevent oligoanalgesia the…



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Pain Management and the Opioid Crisis: An Ethical Dilemma 

What is Ethics and what Constitutes an Ethical Dilemma? Ethics is defined as moral principles that governs the conducting of an activity. Ethical dilemmas arise when there are two decisions that seem morally right to do but one must prioritize between the two. (Rainer, Schneider & Lorenz, 2018). As healthcare providers we should always seek…


Ethical Dilemma,


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Can Life Be Satisfying If There Is Too Much Pain?

Growing older happens to everyone but many do not grow old as gracefully as others. Part of growing older involves the aging of the body. For many, as they grow older, physical pain becomes part of their everyday life. This physical pain comes from many various causes and the pain can affect each person in…

Health Care,


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Reviewing Pain Management

Imagine finding that you are losing your independence and find yourself in a long-term care facility unable to speak, relying on others to bathe, feed and, dress you, and you are no longer are in control of administering your own medications. How do you convey your pain to the nurse? Can anyone see you are…



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Cannabinoids in the Management of Chronic Pain

Abstract Pain is often considered a fifth vital sign. It is subjective data that only the patient can describe. In order to provide quality patient care, health care providers must not only treat the underlying cause of illness, but also the pain associated with it. Opioids are now the predominant treatment in providing pain management….

Medical Marijuana,



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Pain Management Methods

Pain brought on by illnesses or injuries leaves a person physically or mentally suffering until they can properly treat the problem. Professionals within the medical field have been known to use different methods of pain management as a treatment to help diagnose and treat pain. When a patient suffers from arthritis the medical approach ranges…



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Natural Pain Relief Remedies

Due to the high numbers of opioid and prescription painkiller overdoses in recent years, natural remedies would be very beneficial in creating an alternative for pain relief. Studies have shown reasons why natural pain relief remedies can be better for pain relief than opioids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). They are a safe and usually…

Medical Marijuana,



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Low Back Pain in Teaching Profession

Purposes of study were to determine a link between occupation and low back pain among the faculty of university of management and technology Lahore. The study were to investigate the prevalence of and risk factors for low back pain in teachers and to evaluate the association of individual and occupational characteristics with the prevalence of…




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