What’s in Your Drinking Water?

Updated August 25, 2021

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What’s in Your Drinking Water? essay

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Has one ever wondered what is in their water? Most people do not know what is in their water. They just drink it and do not think about it. It does not matter what water they want to drink, but if they want to drink the water that is healthiest for them then they need to test the water. There are all different kinds of water, there is Dasani, dollar general or generic water, home water, and the school water fountain water. To find out what all chemicals or particles are in the water, they can get water test strips from a local store and test the type of water. They need to make sure that they are drinking water because they can get dehydrated very easily and get different kinds of sicknesses. Water is very important in people’s daily life. If a person does not have water, then they will have to go to the hospital and get liquids in their body. Water and drinking clean water is a significant part of daily life due to the following: the importance of proper health, knowing what chemicals are in the water, and which waters are the purest.

Water is a necessity in everyday life! Science states that you can go three to four weeks without food, but you can only go three to four days without water. That is why it is important that one makes sure the water they are drinking is good for them and healthy. If you do not drink water like you are supposed to then dehydration will set in. There are several places that do not have access to clean water to drink(aid and international development forum). That is why everybody should be thankful for what they are drinking. Here in the United States, we have access to many different places with clean water. One needs to make sure they are drinking clean water because it helps one prevent diseases throughout their entire body. There are certain sicknesses or diseases from dirty water (aid and international development forum). All the public water supplies in the United States have to have certain rules or standards (NRDC). Having proper hydration helps cushion Everybody’s joints. People’s bodies are made up of 60% of water so that means that they need to drink water to keep one’s body properly working(CNN Health).

Does one know exactly what chemicals are in their water? Not only having water in your body but making sure you are not drinking dangerous chemicals. Everybody needs water to hydrate physical function in life(aid and international development forum). Mineral water is natural water that has proportions of particles of mineral elements. The pH level is a measurement of how acidic or basic that certain water is. A normal pH level is around 7(CNN Health). Most water has very small amounts of bacteria that are common in water and harmless. If somebody really wanted to know exactly what was in their water. They could hire a special agency to come out and check their water out. Most of the water people drink comes from rivers, lakes, and streams. Sometimes lead can get into people’s water from flowing through pipes(Lenntech). Everybody needs to make sure that when they are drinking water and they might taste something weird then you probably should not drink it.

Do you think people are drinking the right kind of water? To be safe, some people just buy bottled water and not drink tap water, because bottled water comes from the (IBWA) International Bottled Water Association. The IBWA sends the inspector to check the water to make sure it is bacteria-free and harmless(Lenntech). More than half of bottled water comes from tap water. Buying bottled water is pretty much just a waste of money. Bottled water is nearly 2,000 times the price than tap water. When people buy bottled water you are wasting money and the plastic can get dropped in nature and pollute the air. Everybody either decides what kind of water they like best or if they like both kinds and particularly do not care(Food and Water Watch).

Do people ever think about what they are drinking when drinking water? Water is a necessary item in life for one to live. Most of the water people drink has some bacteria in it but, that bacteria are small and harmless. People think bottled water is safer than tap water, it is in some ways and tap is better than bottled water in some ways too. That is why it is very important to make sure people are drinking clean, fresh, and healthy water.

What’s in Your Drinking Water? essay

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