What Utopia Means for Me

Updated December 28, 2021

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What Utopia Means for Me essay

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We currently live in a dystopia made up of 7.8 billion individuals, and this number will continue to climb at an exponential rate. Every single one of us walking on this planet has a mind of their own. We’re all capable of freely forming our own views and expressing our own opinions, barring outside influences, such as governments, leaders, laws, etc. As individuals we also have different goals, ambitions, morals, coupled with many other traits. Today, we’ve seemingly reached a point where many of us can’t seem to agree on much.

We live in a perspective all on our own. It’s sometimes very hard for another individual to support someone else’s opinion, we’re so dead set in our ways. Due to this stubbornness, we have a society that could be considered insecure, and unsure about themselves. We continually need to watch ourselves, because we can never truly speak our mind or do as we please, unless were around like minded people. Individuals sell themselves out, and do things they may not want to do. Our world also has groups that try to deny others the will to choose or exist, such as racist groups, religious radicals and corrupt governments. The dystopia that we live in grows greater by the day due to the ill fitting goals, actions and policies by those who are in charge.

As can be seen, the current state of our world has a very dystopic outlook cast upon it. There are of course many things that are going right in the world, but it’s too far off from what I would consider a utopia. Looking back throughout history it seems as though we’ve always lived in a dystopia. The only time that I feel humans may have ever experienced a utopia was at the very beginning of time, before the likes of governments and hierarchical structures existed. I believe a utopia is ruined once an outside force gains control of you freedoms and oppression begins.

The more I think about it, who or what could decide what a utopian world would be like? To me, a Utopia has a somewhat ambiguous meaning, because I truly don’t know what a perfect society would equate to. I believe society has never really lived in a utopia, so how would society be able to come to a conclusion on what an ideal world would be. Furthermore, trying to determine these factors would lead to further frustrating society as a whole, because like I previously mention, we all have our opinions and it would be nearly impossible to align all our views to create our perfect world.

Moving toward a Utopic society will be extremely difficult. From a young age we’ve always been taught to be the best at something, whether it’s dealing with smarts, looks, humor, you name it and we’re always positioning ourselves to dominate the competition. This competition has been ingrained in our human nature. Power is an important aspect in today’s world, it something that people will grasp on to until they no longer can. For millenniums the rich have been getting richer and the poor have been getting poorer. The battle for power, influence and resource will always be in play unless we’re taught otherwise.

Today, we live in an era where people practically have an unlimited number of options. Until recently, there’s never been a time where humans have had such easy access to such a vast amount of knowledge. If you want to learn or be informed about a subject all that is required is a computer or phone, after a few clicks a wealth of information is provided, and it’s as simple as that.

What’s interesting about this topic is the idea of how many different points of views that can exist of what a utopia may or may not be. Maybe some people think today’s world is a utopia, due to the simple fact that we have a plethora of food, water, medical care and advanced technologies. Now, what about people from different eras. Let’s imagine going back one hundred years. We know what life was like back then because so much of the history has been documented. Their perspective of a utopia probably greatly differs from what we may feel today.

Let’s say we could somehow let society from one hundred years ago see how much the world has developed since their era. Perhaps, they would think the world we live in would be an ideal world. Many of the struggles and difficulties of that time have been resolved, or at least immensely improved upon. Aspects of life which have seen great improvement include technology and science. Both of these fields have allowed humans to live a much longer and more comfortable life.

Of course, not all of civilization has experienced these improvements to the fullest extent. There are many societies out there that are far less developed in comparison to others, but I believe some form of trickle down affect is still benefiting them. For this reason, I would imagine those that are less fortunate are also experiencing overall life improvement, albeit gradually, but I could be wrong. With that being said, the farther back we travel in time could result in a greater difference of views and opinions.

Although society may never experience a Utopia, I believe it’s very important that our world pushes to improve upon multiple aspects of life. Every corner of the world is different, so chipping away at problematic areas will be a long drawn out process, but gradual improvement is better than no improvement. People need to think first and not be a part of the rising problems. It’s not terrible having certain dystopic aspects in society. Without elements of a dystopia we as humans would be without creativity, innovation, improvement or progress. It would be a very boring world, so just work on what we currently have.

What Utopia Means for Me essay

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