Violence Caused by Racism in America

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America’s hatred for black people has driven Americans to do many cruel acts of violence in America. Violence has been America’s way of life for a long time especially towards black people, and whenever racism comes to play it makes calm situations escalate. Racism is the hatred and discrimination against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior to another, and because of this belief often times racist people don’t want the race they hate to do anything that might dissolve the oppression and because of that it can lead to serious violent crimes. Racism causes unnecessary violence due to the hatred of another race there are many occurrences like Selma’s “Bloody Sunday”, the Charleston church shooting and the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally.

Martin Luther King Jr. led the March 7, 1965 peaceful march in Selma. The peaceful march was the people who supported equality fighting for the right to protest as well as the right to vote. Once the peaceful march began the white police officers blocked the marchers and demanded them to turn around or face the consequences, when the marchers refused and they passed the county line the white police officers began to attack. The racist officers started hitting the peaceful marchers with billy clubs then started to spray tear gas everywhere, making their attempt of a peaceful march a violent one.

The Charleston church shooting was a violent crime against the black members of the Charleston church and the entire African American community. Dylann Roof was a white supremacist, at 21 years old he murdered nine African Americans. The police then arrested him and Roof confessed to the crime, along with confessing he spoke upon his intentions. Dylann Roof’s intentions were to cause this tragedy in hope of starting a race war.

The “Unite the Right” rally was in Charlottesville, the city was in a few month long dispute about what the fate of the Gen. Robert E. Lee statue would be. Gen. Robert E. Lee was the leader of the confederate army during the civil war, many saw confederate statues as a symbol of darker times and should be taken down everywhere. Charlottesville’s city council decided to take the confederate statue down, and then a group of white nationalist started to protest this decision. The white nationalist started a formal protest but then there were counter protesters, one white nationalist protester did not like the counter protesters and drove his car into the crowd of counter protesters.

The racism in America causes unspeakable acts of unnecessary violence. Racism is the thought that one race is superior to another, and once a racist person feels as though they are being belittled that racist person usually resorts to violence. Racist people have different ideals and they often think those ideals are better, which can cause disagreements that can also lead to violence. There are many reasons why people resort to violence, but there is no secret that racism can be a serious factor of violence in America.

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