Video Game Violence Has no Effect on Kids

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Kids should be able to play violent video games because as long as the parents don’t treat the kids badly and teach them how to behave and their manners the violent games will not affect them. Most people think that all violent video games are bad for kids but some of them are not. games like GTA and some Call of Duties should not be played by kids under 15 at least. But games like Halo, other Call of Duties, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege and other shooter games are fine for kids to play over the age of about 12 or kids under 12 that are still mature.

According to, it shows that video games have no link with aggression or violence. It also helps with hand-eye coordination. That source also states that violent video games bring real-world aggression is a popular statement but it hasn’t been tested very well over time. according to a study from stetson university playing violent video games can decrease real-world violence. A violent person with an Xbox, Playstation, gaming computer or another gaming device can keep that person inside and away from hurting other people. Stress-relieving games on ios and android san decrease it also it lets them take their stress out on that game instead of the real world. Andrew Przybylski will admit that the teenager trash-talking is bad but that has not been tested yet.

Playing online violent video games can boost a teenager’s social skills. In 2013 a study showed that playing violent video games boosted a player’s capacity to think about objects in three dimensions. Other things it can improve for a teenager is problem-solving skills. And the ability to process information better. Some games can improve concentration, multi-tasking, and navigation, reasoning, and memory. Playing games like angry birds can improve a player’s mood promote relaxation and take away anxiety.

A classroom game called Classcraft is an RPG game meant for classes it is used throughout 75 countries. The game is played with teams of three the mage the warrior and the healer they all have privileges that they can earn and use in class and they all have different strengths and weaknesses. The game is played with teams of three and each team needs one of each avatar to do good. make sure everyone can be successful with the avatar that they have every avatar has different health points (HP) and action points (AP).

The warrior has a maximum of 80 HP and a maximum of 30 AP can absorb damage and use the first aid power to restore health. The downside to a warrior is that they can’t use their power very often. other of his powers are to turn in assignments one day late he can eat in class as long as he shares with with teammates the warrior can also have a hint on their exams the warrior is for a student who can never come to class prepared or for a student who gets lots of tardies.

The mage has a maximum of 30 hp and 50 AP (action points) they are the teams supplier of ap. They can use its power to trade places with another teammate they can use their invisibility to leave the classroom for two minutes the mage can also prevent damage taken to themself. A down teammate other than the mage can cheat death but they have to receive a new outcome the mage is for a student who rarely ever gets in trouble in class.

The healer has a maximum of 50 hp and 35 ap they can use their powers to ask if a question is written on a test or exam they can also restore 20 of one of their teammates or themselves health they can also listen to music on their phone while doing classwork when a teammate is knocked not including the healer can restore their health to one hp the healer is a perfect fit for those who are good at helping other classmates.


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