Victorian Novel Book Club Discussion

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Setting:19th Century England during the point when all these different beliefs. Major changes were coming due to the Industrial Revolution and there was also some religious uncertainty, and scientific advancement, also, social change made numerous Victorians rethink numerous parts of their general public and culture.

Point of view: Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is in a third person perspective since the narrator is omniscient and knows what everyone is feeling, nothing is hidden from the narrator and the narrator’s tone is not objective but its sympathetic towards the protagonist and a lot less for the other characters.

Chapter I: Oliver Twist is brought into the world a debilitated newborn child in a workhouse. The ward specialist and a tipsy medical caretaker go to his introduction to the world. His mom kisses his brow and passes away, and the medical attendant reports that Oliver’s mom was discovered lying in the streets the prior night. The specialist sees that she isn’t wearing a wedding band indicating that she was possibly divorced or left alone.

Chapter II: On Oliver’s ninth birthday celebration, Mr. Blunder, a minor church official known as the parish beadle, explains to Mrs. Mann that Oliver is too old to even consider staying at her foundation. Since nobody has had the option to find his mom or father, he should come back to the workhouse. Mrs. Mann asks how the kid came to have any name whatsoever. Mr. Blunder reveals to her that he keeps a rundown of names in sequential request, naming the vagrants from the rundown as they are conceived. the workhouse is a harsh place, it makes the poor by allowing them to starve slower rather than starve quickly on the streets. This extends the suffering of the children suffering from slow starvation. One night at supper, one kid tells the others that if he doesn’t have another bowl of slop he may eat one of theirs instead. Startled, the youngsters at the workhouse make bets, verifying that whoever loses will be required to request more nourishment for the kid. Oliver loses, and after supper, different kids demand that Oliver request more nourishment at dinner. His solicitation so stuns the specialists that they offer five pounds as an award to any individual who will remove Oliver from their hands.

Chapter III:In the ward, Oliver has been lashed and afterward secured a dim room as a public example to the others.. Mr. Gamfield, a brutish chimney sweeper, offers to take Oliver as his disciple. Since a few young boys have already passed away under his watch, the board considers five pounds too enormous of a reward, and they choose a range about 3 pounds. Mr. Blunder, Mr. Gamfield, and Oliver show up before a judge to seal the deal. Finally, the officer sees Oliver’s pale, frightened face. Mr. Gamfield why Oliver looks so terrified and Oliver starts to beg to get beaten, punished, or even killed since he does not want to be the apprentice of Mr. Gamfield. Of course the magistrate refuses to that request.

Literary Devices: Symbolism “where eight or ten fat gentlemen were sitting round a table.”() the fat men symbolize the wealthy since it shows that they eat and have money for food while the skinny orphan boys can be displayed as poor since they can barely afford to eat anything.

Imagery: Imagery is displayed in the chapter by telling us what the Industrial revolution is looking like in the middle of the 19th century,

Questions: Even though the orphans are considered poor, are they look down upon more roughly or less than the people on the streets?

Personal Paragraph: In chapter 2, I generally felt worried and nervous for Oliver Twist when I read about how he would rather get beaten or even killed just so he wouldn’t have to be with Mr. Gamfield. Of course my heart is just attached with Oliver Twist since hes an orphan and it hurts seeing him go through all this suffering in the workhouse. I already Mr. Gamfield for being so sinister with Oliver, so brutal that Oliver would rather die than to be with him. An important quote to add would be ‘Please, Sir, I Want Some More’ because Oliver is only asking for more so he doesn’t have his food eaten by some other kid.

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