US History Prior To 1877: Emancipation Proclamation

Updated June 8, 2022

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US History Prior To 1877: Emancipation Proclamation essay

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Southern Antebellum was different from the north antebellum due to many reasons, culture education, and Resources. Most southern people were farmers and home makers who believed in keeping their money home and not expanding it, using slaves to do the farming and manual labor for them. They would home school their children and not want to pay tax dollars on a public school system which could benefit them later. The rich big plantation owners spent their money on materialistic things and private school for their children not invest it into the factories that they felt would wipe them out, unlike the north who did the opposite and did very well from it and made it profitable. Slavery was very important to those in the south because it was the key to their main source of income (cotton) the slaves picked it and it made them profit. Hispanic slavery was a little different from southern slavery because the used their enemy’s prisoners to enslave to pay off debts alone with natives and they allowed their slaves marriage. The south and the north today is still somewhat the same the south still is paying for its fore founder’s mistakes financially as far as manufacturing and things of that nature.

The events that lead to the civil war are events that happened after the Louisiana Purchase like the Missouri compromise 1820 that cause fighting because it was a slave state and the Kansas-Nebraska act allowed the people to choose to allow slavery in the western territory 36* 30 and Anti-slave and slave people could not come to an agreement. Nat Turners Rebellion 1831 in which was not successful lead to Virginias law makers to not honor some rights that were already put in place to free salves such as Dred Scott a slave that tried to sue the state for his freedom but failed. The backlash of Nat Turners rebellion and all the 65 lives of white people that were lost was a very tragic situation that caused Turners and about 55 other slaves’ public demise.

The compromise of 1850 that cause senators to make California a free state and not Mexico while continuing the fugitive Slave act that made them collect and return all escaped slaves back to the south. John Browns Raid 1859 an Anti-Slavery Abolitionist who along with some freed slaves and some other white Anti-Slave members raided a Government arsenal and stole weapons to give to slaves to rebel against their masters in the south. Lincolns election 1860 although he was a republican his Anti-Slave position made him not favorable to the south the even took him off some ballots to be voted for. All these events lead to the Civil War. These events still happen when the two parties (democrats and Republicans are battling for a spot maybe not to this extent but the make demeaning commercials about each other to try and sway the opinions of the public.

The north won the Civil War simply because they are stronger and were more advanced in many ways. Their military was better and they used their industrial economy and the south lacked that type of connection. The north used railroads and had access to naval ships. The south had an unexperienced Government and the norths was experienced in things like the war. The north had more people as the used free slaves and other black men to fight with them with the promise of a part of the union once the Emancipation Proclamation was passed. The north was also supported by people across the world due to its union with Lincoln and its use of the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer (Slaves in Arms) an infantry regiment in the civil war that enlisted African American Men commanded by white officers. This battle was similar to the war and invasion in Iraq in 2003 the U.S is the most powerful military in the world the south did not stand a chance.

The U.S needed to reconstruct its ways after the civil war to advance it as a whole mainly to back the rights of the free slaves from the confederate states that would not comply with the laws and also were struggling from the backlash of the war economically. Lincoln had a plan to reunite the south back into the union only if 10% of its voting population would pledge their allegiance to the union that consisted of freed blacks as well and accept the end of slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation was to ensure that the confederate states would comply with the laws by freeing all slaves on January 1, 1863 and Henceforth.

The plan for reconstruction worked for the most part as confederacy was at a halt and the nation began to get alone as a whole. Instead of it being just every state for its self they began to think the United States as one. The Feds came up with the 13th Amendment to ensure freedom and protection of all United States citizens. It was a good time for the United States to help slaves maintain on their own by making these powerful laws and amendments like the 13th-15 Amendments. These Amendment are what gives us our freedom today although our freedom is in the hands of people that do not see eye to eye with its righteousness, none of us would be able to live happy and free lives today. 

US History Prior To 1877: Emancipation Proclamation essay

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