Types of Environment Pollution

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Pollution is one of the challenging environmental problem in the world caused by human activities. Various human activities contribute to environmental pollution, for example, sewage, oil leakage, chemical pesticides, animal waste, global warming, urban development, radioactive waste, and burning of fossil fuels. If Compared to the ancient days, there has been too much extortion due to the advancement of technology. Environmental pollution is experienced when any pollutants contaminate the surrounding.

Pollution has been a discouraging act that disturbs the ecosystem, increasing global warming, human illness, and affecting the modern lifestyle. It is reported that the issue is at its peak point due to the advancement of technology and modernization. The disadvantage of the development of technology and science has massively affected human existence. Is it true that human beings have become prisoners to their new recreation? As we dump waste on land, air, or waters, the thought of causing a bouncing back problem is clouded by ambitions. Individuals should deepen their knowledge of nature and understand the outcome produced by ignoring the law of human behavior.

First, it is essential to understand the types and effects of pollution on the environment and humanity to come up with a solution. Air pollution is one of the pollutions that is highly contributed by technology. Scientists declare that it is among the dangerous types of pollution that have contributed to strange illness such as cancer. For example, air pollution can be caused by physical, chemical, and biological alteration on the air through harmful dust gas and smoke. The process of contaminated can take time before showing effects on human health and the environment. With time the surrounding becomes difficult to survive on after air contamination has occurred. Mining operations, agricultural activities, industrial manufacturing processes, and burning of fossil fuels contribute to air pollution.

Soil pollution is the second type of pollution that is contributed by contamination of toxic chemicals on the soil. The issue has been direct to negativity contributed to wildlife, water, humans, and plants. One thing contributes to the other, for example burning of fossils and industrial smoke released to the air can lead to acidic rain that will pollute the soil. Therefore, soil fertility is decreased hence changing the structure of the soil. If there will be no solution considered, the environment will be contaminated, ending every living thing. Although the government should put restrictions to reduce pollution, every individual has a role to play. For example, people should not burn plastic materials or dump them on the land or water bodies.

The third type is water pollution. Life cannot exist without water, and it is considered as an essential natural resource in humanity. The primary source of water pollution is the dumping of industrial waste, sewage, mining activities, agriculture activities, and many more. Human beings are arrogant and do not appreciate the gift of nature. It is time to wake up and work on a cohesive project against pollution. The effect of pollution has been a critical issue where humanity continues to struggle due to contamination of the environment. Cancer is a deadly disease that continues to finish the human race worldwide.

In conclusion, environmental pollution is one of the challenging environmental problems that human activities have contributed to. Science and technology are highly valued and contributes to development, but solutions to pollution should be a priority. We should all know that pollution affects the whole of humanity. Everyone should be in a position to contribute to the reduction of pollution. The government, non-profit organization, and schools should provide education on the importance of a non-contaminated environment and the effects of contaminated surroundings.

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