Types of Cyber Crime and Ways to Prevent It

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Types of Cyber Crime and Ways to Prevent It essay
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As we all understand that Cybercrime has been one of the common practices made via the laptop professional. In this paper, I even have cited some of the impact of the cybercrime. Cybercrime is that activities made by the human beings for destroying organization community, stealing others valuable facts, documents, hacking bank account and moving money to ‘their’ and so on. My paper offers detailed statistics of cybercrime, its types, modes of cybercrime and safety features which include prevention to deal correctly with cybercrime…

Finally I will pass for the studies on the crime made by means of the misuse of cybercrime in some of the field and areas like in Financial crimes, Cyber pornography, Online playing, Intellectual Property crimes, Forgery, Cyber Defamation, Cyber stalking, Email spoofing, Email bombing, Denial of Service attack, Salami attacks, Virus / trojan horse attacks, Web jacking, Data diddling and so forth. And also try and discover which kind of cybercrime is maximum exercise in the international and subsequently I will get the primary goal of my term paper. Like this my term paper might be completed.


Cyber Crimes are those crimes which involves the use of digital technologies in commission of offence, directed to computing and communication technologies. The modern techniques that are proliferating towards the use of internet activity results in creating exploitation, vulnerability making a suitable way for transferring confidential data to commit an offence through illegal activity. The activity involves like attacking on Information center Data System, theft, child pornography built images, online transaction fraud, internet sale fraud and also deployment in internet malicious activities such as virus, worm and third party abuse like phishing, email scams etc.

The universal approach of network like internet at all levels of network needs to recover from committing illegal activity in all over the world and to stop the criminal nature by protecting unlawful activity by enforcing different level of firewall setting within its offline control for every nation in order to monitor and prevent crimes carried out in cyberspace. Network security controls are used to prevent the access of hackers in networks which includes firewall, virtual private networks and encryption algorithms. Out of these, the virtual private network plays a vital role in preventing hackers from accessing the networks. Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides end users with a way to privately access information on their network over a public network infrastructure such as the internet.

Types of Cyber Crime

There are many types of cyber-crimes which are discussed as follow:

Online credit fraud

Credit card fraud is a wide-ranging term for theft and fraud dedicated using or regarding a fee card, consisting of a credit card or debit card, as a fraudulent source of price range in a transaction.[1] The motive can be to achieve goods without paying, or to achieve unauthorized funds from an account. Credit card fraud is also an adjunct to identity robbery.

Cyber terrorism

Cyberterrorism, in standard, can be defined as an act of terrorism devoted via the usage of our on-line world or laptop assets (Parker 1983). As such, a easy propaganda piece on the Internet that there will be bomb attacks throughout the vacations may be considered cyberterrorism. There are also hacking sports directed in the direction of people, families, organized with the aid of agencies inside networks, tending to motive worry among human beings, exhibit electricity, accumulating information relevant for ruining peoples’ lives, robberies, blackmailing, and so forth.

Cyber extorsion

Cyber-extortion occurs whilst a website, e-mail server, or laptop machine is subjected to or threatened with repeated denial of provider or different attacks with the aid of malicious hackers. These hackers demand cash in return for promising to stop the attacks and to offer ‘safety’. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, cybercrime extortionists are more and more attacking company websites and networks, crippling their capability to perform and traumatic payments to restore their provider.


It is an illegal activity by which a hacker breaches a computer security system of someone’s. unauthorized access to data in a computer or network is called hacking. A person hacking some other person’s device is called a hacker. A hacker may hack due to any of the following reasons:

  1. Steal sensitive data.
  2. Just for fun.
  3. Take control of a device or computer.

Following are the types of hacking:

  • email hacking.
  • password hacking.
  • online bank hacking.
  • network hacking.

Money laundering

Illegal possession of money by a person or organization is called money laundering.

Child pornography

It is an illegal activity that is largely practiced through-out the world. Childrens are sexually abused and videos are being made and uploaded on the internet.

Awareness Program In Preventing Cyber Crime

From the survey accomplished, seventy six.67% of the respondent stated that the notice programme in preventing cyber crime has been achieved. As said from the research the Malaysian government via Cyber Security Malaysia which reviews to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) become the first business enterprise establishes Cyber 999 Help Centre, which was installation in July 2009. The preferred public can report any forms of cyber crimes via their website, www.Cybersecurity.My.

Cyber Security is answerable for designing focus packages, numerous kinds of seminars, schooling and communicate shows for every person. The Royal Malaysian Police beneath the Commercial Crime Department has a duty to offer an focus application on cyber crime instances bygiving talks, seminars and distribute pamphlets to the human beings. The banking industry also creates focus on cybercrime through sending alert notices to the customers through short messaging services (SMS), email and place protection notices on the Auto Teller Machine (ATM). The Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) is Non-Government Organization answerable for creating cyber crime prevention cognizance programs in school and universities so one can create extra focus.

Types of Cyber Crime and Ways to Prevent It essay

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5 most common types of cybercrimes: Phishing scams: Internet fraud: Online intellectual property infringements: Identity theft: Online harassment and cyberstalking:
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