Twisting Through Time

Updated June 27, 2021

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Twisting Through Time essay

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Snow falling, wind churning, the new year begins and through the frosted window, snow can be seen covering the earth, like a soft, white blanket. The branches swing in time to the rhythm of the wind, like a pendulum swaying in a grandfather clock. The chilly temperature causes the pond to freeze over with a frigid coat of ice and clouds of white to form every time someone speaks.

Time moves along, like clear water trickling in a stream. The clouds above look gray and gloomy, as they spill tiny droplets of rain down on the world. From seeds bloom beautiful flowers of every color imaginable, a rainbow of colors spattered across the earth. Little butterflies and bees flit from one flower to another, drinking the sweet nectar from the bright blossoms. The trees cover themselves in bright green foliage as squirrels scurry up and down the trunks and along the branches.

Further down the stream, the leafy green oak trees stand tall, casting shadows away from the glaring sun. Sprouting from tree trunks, the verdant sprigs sway in the breeze. The sky, broad and blue, is clear with no inkling of clouds as laughing children play underneath. Light reaching, temperature rising, the sun can be clearly seen allowing the water to glitter, like a crystal gem, as its rays caress it.

Following the little river, leaves dipped in gold, crimson, and the soft flames of a warm fire, litter the earth. Fading from the fronds, the green passes, leaving vivid colors in its wake. The needles pile up and the heat of summer moves on, taking the gentle, warm breeze with it. The air turns cooler and the tree branches shed their leaves, painting the yards in rich colors.

Chasing the flowing stream once again, kids parade around to different homes in bands, asking for treats, a source of too much sugar. Their parents trail behind them, sipping mugs of coffee, keeping an eye on their young charges as the sun begins to set and the sky goes dark while a few clouds drifting across the black canvas. Tracking the trickling tributary, families can be seen sitting around a dinner table, laughing and sharing jokes only they would understand.

At last, the little river has reached the end for now, but lights of green, red, whites and blue are strung all around. Inside houses, trees are decorated with sparkling nets of gold and red, adorned with flowers, big and bright. Ornaments are hung from the branches of the tree, each telling a story of their own – a trip, an experience, a fun time.

Outside, blinking on bare branches, lights hang and are strung along homes. People can be seen, in the cold, anchoring different decorations on their house, working together as a family. The day comes for gifts to be wrapped and put under the tree, for children to tear apart the wrappings and get to their gifts. Then, it is time for the tree to be taken down and for presents to be put away. Now the countdown begins for the ball to drop and the new year to begin. And out of sight, the river flows on.

Twisting Through Time essay

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