Trust is the Most Important Quality of Life

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When you think of the things you want in a friend you have to ask yourself what is the most important quality that you look for? Immediately what comes to mind is trust. The definition of trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something. What does it really mean though? Trust, in the simplest terms is faith in someone else despite of the outcome that you may face. One characteristic that makes trust unique is it’s delicacy. To gain the trust of a friend or a family member, you must continuously try to prove it. Your proving that you are honest and reliable.

To gain trust in someone can take years, but it can also be lost in a single moment at anytime. The best example i know of that takes the most trust is marriage. When two spouses must consistently be supportive and honest of one another it’s teamwork. However, the bond can easily be broken if one of the spouses is caught cheating or lying it can cause a whole world of problems. Trust in another person can make one feel loved and secured; while dishonesty can lead to anger issues and vulnerability.

One very important question arises when evaluating the word trust: if one knows the outcome before something happens, is there any trust that is involved? Here’s an example a friend asks you to borrow a lot of money let’s just say $5,000 for example. So your friend takes this money to go invest in another company he also makes a promise to you that he will be successful in making you a lot of money. There is not trust involved with this at all. However if it seems really risky, and the only thing that makes you feel assured is your friend’s confidence and success. Right there that’s when genuine trust takes its place.

The person who’s trusting needs to have faith in that person that’s making the promise. I was once told by my old football coach that “real trust is not tested in times of certainty”;genuine trust only occurs when we are not sure of the outcome. We tend to not get into details when it comes to words and their meaning but once we take a deeper look into them it opens up our minds. I was thinking to myself about trust and how it can be found in the simplest things. Like for for example my dog, i know she knows i’m the master of the household. She relies on me to feed her and let outside to go to the bathroom. Another example would be two soldiers looking out for each other.

Most friendships are based on trust. Like if i knew my friend had too much to drink and couldn’t drive on their own, i would be there for them to prevent them from making that bad decision. Trust can be proven to others by doing the right thing even when not asked. If anyone knew that they can handle responsibility and can manage to do the right thing, even when they are not asked, they will not hesitate to be there for you and to provide the friendship and support now that’s what i call trust.

Trust has always been a part of everyone’s life whether or not if you’ve been aware of it. From the time we were born, we know that our parents will care for us and show us the love and affection. Just like when your a teenager with no care in the world you’ll still need the love and support of your friends and family and when we make tough decisions we need them there to correct us when we’re wrong. When our teachers will accurately grade everything we do. As a husband speaking here i expect my spouse to support and to love me throughout her and i’s adult years.

When we grow old we’ll rely on others to take care of us. Even when we die , we know that our friends and family will be at our funeral to say goodbye. When i die i hope there’s a heaven, hoping that it will be my final destination in the afterlife. Even throughout our lives, trust will follow us everywhere we go and these trusting relationships that we make here on earth will help lead and develop us as humans. Now you just have to ask yourself this question who do you trust?

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