The Uniqueness of Japanese Culture

Updated July 17, 2021

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The Uniqueness of Japanese Culture essay

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Various cultures reside around the world. Many characteristics develop due to the environment and the things around that community or population. As far as Japanese, East Asians, they are isolated on their own little piece of land. Despite their tiny size, they have a big heart. The country of Japan is home to things that is not in other places of the world.

Sports are major in every country. Each country usually has their own predominant sport. For the United States it’s baseball, football, and basketball; for Mexico it’s soccer, and for Japan it is Sumo. Sumo is a major art, that consists of individuals trying to push each other out of a circle and trying to make them lose footing. It has been a Japanese practice for about two thousand years. Next to that sport is kendo. Kendo is similar to karate and it happens to be the oldest Japanese sport. A final example of a Japanese physical activity is Judo. Judo is a gentle version of karate. It can be compared to American wrestling, but without the slams and flips. Activities require a lot of energy, which can be found in foods.

Japanese foods are exquisite. In Japan there are several fast food restaurants that are from American soil. However, most Japanese tend to stay away from this type of food, and if they do eat some it is not in a large quantity as such Americans. Their food consists of mainly Curry with rice, Ramen, Udon, and Sushi. Curry is a stew-type dish that can be made with chicken or beef, both versions being popular in Japan. It is usually served with white rice on the side, soaked in a creamy soup. It came to Japan through China, but the Japanese changed how it was made and turned it into their own plate.

People believe that it originated in Japan, but that is not the case. Ramen is a food that is known all across the world. It consists of noodles with vegetables and different meats. Japanese Ramen is authentic compared to other variants in the world. The “Ramen Noodles” found in local stores are not compatible with the Ramen located in Japanese restaurants. Instant Ramen is not only located in American places, but in Japanese places as well. The Ramen Noodles date way back to the 17th century, where people ate the meal because it was cheap and could make them full with small quantities.

Music impacts lives. Japanese music is western style with lots of percussion and singing. Unfortunately, the old style of music is decreasing drastically. Japan wants to keep the music in the purest form possible, however this is quite difficult with the modern and young talents taking over. Modern Japanese music consists of pop and dance at a high degree. Performances are also important, if not more important than the actual music itself. Japan has pride in their performances, therefore they only want perfection with artists when they go on stage. They love to be thrilled, and witness something that has never been done before.

For multitudes who follow media, the first word thought of when Japan is brought up is animation. Animation, also known as anime, is the most popular source of entertainment in Japan.There are even places exclusive to anime and manga, such as the Ghibli Museum, Fujiko-F-Fujio, the POKÉMON Center, Nakano Broadway, Tokyo One Piece Tower, J-World Tokyo and the most popular of them all, Akihabara, Tokyo. This type of exciting storytelling became popular in the late 70s through 80s with the rise of DragonBall, InuYasha, Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon, and many more.

The term anime became a title for cartoons only from Japan, due to the fact that the cartoons were drastically different from the rest of the world. This was not made up of normal kid-friendly shows, but was a mixture of laughter and adult themes. There is a genre of anime for everyone, which makes their media hard not to like. It helps cope with situations in life and offers an alternative to the real world. The second largest consumer of anime and manga, next to Japan, just so happens to be the United States.

Japan is exuberantly unique. It is a country of mostly kind hearted people, who just love having a good time. Their food is to die for, and the sports that are present compliments their fundamental way of thought. Similar to other places in the world, the Japanese culture has a special place for media and music; both subjects enlighten the mind and the heart. Japan seems as if it is a very entertaining place, and the culture that is there is fresh and pure.

The Uniqueness of Japanese Culture essay

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