Updated January 30, 2023

The Spirit of Compassion Lives Within Me

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The Spirit of Compassion Lives Within Me essay
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As a child I dreamed of working in a hospital. Although, as I grew the field I wanted to pursue became very vague to me. I needed a way to figure out what I wanted to be in life. Volunteer work always appealed to me and being in a hospital setting is just what I needed to figure out my future career path.

Soon after I contacted a local hospital and inquired about teenage volunteer positions. The reply I received was unexpected but welcomed. The Volunteer Director at Mobile Infirmary Hospital was desperately in need of help for the fall session and eagerly awaited my interview. Without any reservation, I was awarded the position and soon began work.

Once I started I was given peculiar jobs- i.e. stuffing envelopes and answering phones. After a week passed, and the Director was pleased with my work, I began delivering flowers (which proved to be the most influential part of my hospital work). I got to be involved with the patients. I received the chance to help brighten their day. All the suffering I witnessed in the hospital in a matter of months was unbelievable. Some of these people had no one in the world to count on as visitors besides their doctors and nurses.

As I went in a room to deliver flowers I felt a sense of warmth as I brought smiles and cheerful conversation. I felt I had moved many people and I came away with a great deal of pride. This experience had provided me with an answer. I wanted to be a doctor. Not just any doctor, but one who cared when a person had “no one in the world.” Not only did this experience change my life but it helped me change the lives of many others around me.

The Spirit of Compassion Lives Within Me essay

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