The Problem Of Terrorism

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The issues concerning terrorism take up a special place in our society because of the killings and injuries of innocent people that happen during these attacks. Captured terrorists do deserve punishment but it’s not always entirely clear what their discipline should be. Terrorism doesn’t just exist on a country level but on terms of an international level. Many nations are affected whether that may be directly or consequentially.

Most nations are against terrorism, but some unfortunately support the active and brutal terrorist groups. Miller and her team at the University of Maryland’s definition of terrorism is reasonably without exception. For an act to be considered terrorism, it has to be an intentional act or a threat of violence. It also has to be an act aimed at gaining a set of political, economic, or religious goals, also a violent act trying to persuade, frighten, or convey a larger message. It may also be an act that principles laws about armed conflicts (PBS-3).

One of the many goals of a terrorist attack is to make the terrorist’s views heard. This may be because of the social media bombardment that occurs right after the attacks. Social media creates a gateway for terrorists to shout their demands and beliefs immediately after an attack. The U.S. however does have a very strict policy for terrorism. Our country altogether refuses to negotiate with terrorists or give into any of their wishes. We do all that we can do bring terrorists to justice after they commit their heinous crimes. The United States does its best at trying to isolate terrorist sponsoring nations such as Iraq, from the rest of the globes in hopes of performing counter-terrorism.

Recent violent attacks from individuals are said to be inspired by diehard hate groups. Around 3000 people were killed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks that stimulated a major U.S. impulse to stop the terrorist attacks from further occurrence. These attack was immediately broadcasting live images after the twin towers began getting hit. The attackers were Islamic terrorists from Saudi Arabia and they sure did leave their mark by getting a plethora of media coverage. This event is forever remembered in history on September 11th every year, especially for those who have died. From this day on, American citizens joined in a national unity. From those heartaches, the goodness of thousands of Americans was brought out of its shells.

When trying to define terrorism, the looks of people, their religion, and the language they speak play a key role in who people declare as terrorists. Imagine a white man who was well liked by many, had an attack that killed nine people. His attack may not even be considered a terrorist attack because he doesn’t “look like” a terrorist. This though, is completely wrong to not have a punishment for someone commits an appalling crime just because they don’t look like a terrorist.

With over 260 definitions of terrorism, there are a lot of contrasts that our bias towards an individual perspective. All the different viewpoints makes it unlikely that an agreement of what terrorism is, will happen soon. From not having one clear definition, it can be concluded that, if there is not political aim, it is just a crime, if there is no violence involved, then it is not terrorism.


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