What Is Terrorism?

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“Terrorism is defined as the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims” (Oxford dictionary). Terrorists are the extremists who adopt a coercive approach to individuals within international societies. It is common knowledge that terrorism has no purpose or religion, and it doesn’t abide by the law and violates all that respects humanity and ethical. Some countries have resorted to a war on terrorism to eliminate it through military, economic, end even media campaigns. I believe that terrorism is a tool used by the most powerful person to satisfy his needs and seek to impose his control on the world.

In my point of view, I think that there is a strong connection between terrorism and wars with one difference which is that terrorism is just a dishonest war if we consider organized wars are an honorable thing. Reasons that make terrorism is a tremendous problem for the world are very simple only if we see the big picture of the world. Terrorism is the tool that is used by some countries to impose their dominance on countries that have the important natural resources. The whole thing is related to the primitive life but with more organizing. Wherever there is terrorism, we can see people die, instability of countries, demolishing people’s beliefs, seeking to get people with weak minds, trying hard to differentiate between elements of the society which creates racism, religious intolerance, and relinquishing the national unity. These results can’t happen on their own, but they happen by a third Party that wants to get the benefit without being in the picture. I strongly disagree with people who say that terrorism exists when there are differences of views because these differences help to shape society and its thoughts and beliefs. However, some people use these differences in a bad way that leads to creating terrorism that seeks to destroy society.

Terrorism is the topic that interests most people around the world because of the innocent people who are dying for ridiculous reasons such as religious beliefs, and politics. Religions have been linked with the terrorism since Sicarii passing by Guy Fawkes until ISIS. If these religions are enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong and they are, what makes their believers think about doing the opposite, and are they really believe in what they do, or they just replace god to do so. Politics started when the man has created communities with others and that has upgraded in the age of enlightenment. political entities expanded from basic systems of self-governance and monarchy to the complex democratic and communist systems that exist of the Industrialized and the Modern Era. All of these systems since the past, they have focused on controlling the world.

Terrorism has affected many countries, especially after the second world war because it became more organized, settled, and focused. It has become like a ghost that appears and disappears depending on political decisions, and economic conditions. since 2014, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) started to settle down in the Middle East. They started to spread their thoughts and has collected people from all over the world to fight for them for mysterious reasons. That all has become more organized after the attacks of September 11.

In learning about the proposed laws in the topic of terrorism we need first to know that most of these laws don’t work as expected, but they usually serve a group of people who are interested in changing the political and economic decision. Laws such as increasing the military budget, sending forces to help to eliminate terrorists in some countries, and creating enmity with countries and religions and distorting their pictures should subject to us, so we can give our opinions. We should learn about what we are involved in and we should over think about such laws that keep touching our lives. We need to follow the steps of the terrorism which are linked with the political situations and the economic conditions.

The existence of terrorism is a problem in itself because it refers to our inability to control the world. Terrorism still a problem because we can’t find it a solution. If we really are looking for the real problem, we will look for the terrorists. Some people think terrorism is a result of authoritarian regimes. On the other hand, some people think terrorism is a gap through which economic and political goals are achieved. I agree with the second opinion because if there were authoritarian regimes, the opponents would not be terrorists in front of the world unless they kill innocent people. Do terrorists believe in what they do? The answer of this question depends on our definitions to terrorists, some people may say that they do believe in what they do because they are seeking to achieve moral goals like freedom and social justice, others may say they that terrorists are just mercenaries. The problem lies in the reasons that make some people become terrorists.

I think most terrorists have psychological problems and they try to get rid of their lives because they don’t need it anymore for many reasons related to depression, but the real terrorists are mercenaries, they use communication skills to reach those who don’t have the desire to live. in answering the question” What do you think are these young people’s motivations for joining ISIS?”, PETER Kosminsky said “I saw one guy said, “Yesterday I was a laborer at a building site—today I’m doing things that are getting the attention of the President of the United States.”. being irrelevant or marginalized can lead us to be terrorists or anything that bring attention from others.

Spreading the thoughts of terrorism in a society may lead to serious problems especially for the public. These thoughts usually attract young people who are the nation’s nerve. To destroy a nation, it is enough to destruct the family and education and that is enough to obstruct the society from making progress. Since people abandon philosophy, they have become completely weak, unable to think, and can’t determine what is good and what is bad. Most people have lost their beliefs and their goals in life, it has become easy to influence them.

The issue that can obstruct the government is to ban it from controlling the country and making it shaky. At this point, the government doesn’t have other interests, but fighting terrorists. The government has to spend too much money to buy guns and new equipment to be able to fight terrorism. Unfortunately, when a terrorist comes to a country, the budget of the country goes to the military budget to help him eliminate the terrorism. Therefore, the spending on the people goes down which leads to a weak economy, and a weak nation with too many debts. that deal might be the only way to eliminate terrorism and keep the country safe.

Solving these problems requires a good education, strong philosophy, cultural environment, and fair government. A good education may play a vital role because it makes us aware of the surrounding environment and it shows us the right way and the bad way. the philosophy handles the situation after the education because we learn philosophy through our practical lives after having the good education that gives us the knowledge that we need in life then we start shaping our thoughts and opinions. The existing of a cultural environment around us usually helps to find the right path. If these steps are achieved, there will be a fair government that works on developing the society and fighting the deviant ideas in an innovative and intelligent way. that’s how we can eliminate terrorism, we will be stronger than it and we may correct its way and teach them the lesson of life.

Thinking of killing people, and destroying cultures always disgust me and every normal person, I thought that the only solution is to eliminate terrorists with all the power we have, but after spending time of thinking, reading, and listening to other opinions, I noticed that if we eliminate these terrorists, their ideology will stay and it will be teaching to their children, so why don’t we do the opposite? If we tried to destroy their doctrine and correct their path, we wouldn’t have to kill anybody, we would spend money on better education and creating a new generation rather than spending on guns and killing people.
When I write about a topic like terrorism, I’m sure that there will be only one general opinion which is killing innocent people mustn’t happen. That’s why I don’t focus too much on my sources I just look for the idea that ensures my opinion especially topics like terrorism.
I think field research is harder than online research because it takes time and efforts and we may not find the answer that we want but in general, field research gives us more knowledge through learning others. Some information doesn’t exist online so that we should search for it manually through field research. The online research shows us various opinions about most topics in a short time, but field research requires reading the whole material.

When I talk to someone who has a different view, I think I will be sticking to my opinion because I have my own reasons, but I will listen to his reasons trying to prove the opposite. Some people may show their opinion in a strict way which I disagree with. I prefer to give others time to understand their situation because everyone has different conditions led them to be what they are.

In conclusion, terrorism is just a mixture of violence and psychological problems that make people think that they will get the attention of people. Terrorism shouldn’t be defined as violent religious works because God didn’t create us to kill each other, but to build the universe. People who create terrorism don’t want the good for this world, they defiantly are ill because they don’t know the meaning of life. Solving this problem should be our responsibility, not the government’s because everyone is responsible for what he achieved in his life for the world and because we do this for the next generations.


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