The Difference between Success and Failure

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When we confront challenges in life and do not succeed in overcoming them, what can be the cause of this failure? While some might think it is because of a lack of natural ability or an inherent unfairness in the system, others would accept personal responsibility for their actions and continue to proceed.

Each and every successful professional arrived at his or her current position through years of preparation. In fact, preparation might include anything from rehearsing a presentation for days before presenting it to the boss or preparing for undergraduate and graduate school or exercising and preparing the body for a competition. This universal concept is the basis for athletes, singers, actors, teachers and essentially anyone who wishes to accomplish something valuable.

For example, when we watch LeBron James maneuver so effortlessly through the defense of the opposing team, we see his athleticism and flexibility which are the results of his training and preparation. What we fail to see are the hours of running, weightlifting, and any number of exercises he repeatedly did in order to perform at such a high skill level. This is a fact for any successful individual. Hours and hours of preparation may be required for simply the chance to display one’s ability. I would say that preparation, not natural talent alone, separates the extraordinary from the everyday.

It is very convenient to judge the best student in our class and envy his achievement because it is easier to believe the he is intelligent by nature and his IQ level is greater than any of us. But when we analyze the nature of their accomplishment, how can we reason to believe that intelligence alone can get you to the top? When you are at the football game, shuffling channels on the TV, socializing with friends or some other event, he is most likely sitting in the library or his room studying and investing time in his future to achieve his goal.

For some people, the sacrifice is not worth the reward. Yet for others who are committed to achieve their goal, they choose the difficult path and therefore receive the award and achieve their exceptional goal. The difference between success and failure is a simple one: Those who are successful make the decision to seek a goal without considering the possibility of failure, and prepare to be successful, whatever it takes.

How many losers do we know who has not stopped trying? The secret to life and prosperity is not infinite intelligence, luck and blessing or, for the most part, even knowing the right people. The secret lies in dedication, strive for perfection, and settle for excellence.


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