Technology and Cell Phone Addiction

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Imagine this world full of 7 billion people and no one talks to anybody. The way technology is evolving the more closer and closer we are to this crazy myth. The use of technology such as cell phones, impacts the quality of social interaction as well as health issues such as ; Addiction, Sleep Deprivation, and proper communication skills. Some people believe that these these issues are nothing major, but we are taking away the core values needed to succeed .

Now a days when people think of addiction the first thing that comes to mind is probably substance abuse like drugs and alcohol. The last thing that people think they addicted too is their phone. Imagine carrying your toothbrush from room to room. Everywhere you went so did the toothbrush; to sleep, the bathroom, work, the gym, etc. This is exactly what people are doing to this day, but with their cell phones.

The daily cell phone usage is insane. According to Some of the daily tasks include checking social media, texting, calling, facetiming, and much more. The more and more we become comfortable with the phones, the less likely we are going to want to communicate with humans. According to Social Competence, “Many people that are addicted to their phones don’t have a group of trusted friends. They just text whoever is available” Social Competence 1).

Most people think that they can get away with less than 4 hours of sleep. You can indeed get away with 3 hours of sleep but not every night of the week. If you get four hours of sleep for 3 days, by the fourth day you will for sure need a massive amount of sleep. By not getting enough sleep will cause sleep deprivation. Many teens are using their phones before sleep and this could cause a number of problems. First it is taking your mind out of relax mode and you are becoming more active.“Late night mobile phone usage is harming sleep and potentially their mental health.

Poor quality of sleep associated with late night text/calling was linked to a decline in mental health such as depression”(Drug Invention 2073). When this happens it will make it harder for you to fall asleep at night. When you have trouble falling asleep you will then lose sleeping time. “ Cellular phone usage shortly before bed has been linked to a number of negative outcomes such as ; daytime fatigue, restlessness, and lethargy which also affects the academics and mental health of students” (Drug Invention 2073). So you may say to yourself “ Oh it’s no big deal if I lose 2 hours of sleep I am going to lose, no big deal”. Indeed yes, It is a big deal. Sleep deprivation can lead to depression, daytime fatigue, restlessness, and lethargy.

Proper communication skills these days are becoming more and more extinct. Mainly due to the technology of cell phones. When cell phones are used we neglect using Eye Contact. “Contrary to many, researchers belief that technology impacts face to face communication negatively” (Drago 2). Many people are communicating via phones and are losing face to face communication.

By using phones for everything we do takes out the daily activities that Marby-Price says that we need to use on a daily basis. “ Speech and language development is dependent upon verbal intravog through talking, singing, reading, and playing through basic everyday interactions” (Marby-Price). When we use a phone for everything that we do, we lose all of those activities.

With that being said, there are some positive things that this type of technology brings to the table. Some of these positive things include assisting in higher education as well as being able to communicate throughout the whole world. Back in the olden days you would have to dig out an encyclopedia and research a ton of terms and study them. Now a days you can pull up quizlet.com and search the lesson you are currently learning.

Quizlet will make it fun to learn that particular topic and will include some games to learn that topic. The use of technology also makes it super easy to communicate across the globe. Without having to send a letter overseas you now can talk with someone overseas instantly. This is probably the coolest piece that technology has to offer.

Addiction, Sleep Deprivation, and Proper communication skills are all problems in today’s society. We can mainly blame the use of technology for these modern day issues. It all starts with addiction. We literally carry our cell phones everywhere we go, even between rooms in our house. Next Comes Sleep Deprivation, we are so addicted to the cell phone that when it comes time to go to sleep we cannot put it down.

This causes a huge problem because we cannot get enough hours of sleep to be well nourished. Lastly, we are losing our communication skills because of cell phones. We are not able to excercise the main activites like talking, singing, reading, and playing. So in terms yes, technology is sloqly killing us and making us lazier.


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